Copperclad aluminum

I’ve heard about this stuff but have not seen it before today - copperclad aluminum. It was sized properly (12awg on a 15-amp circuit). Does it have the same problems associated with regular solid aluminum?

cop:al 2.jpg

Not in my experience. That stuff was so rarely used, it really has no reputation either way. Of the little I’ve come across, it’s been fine.

“The skin effect can USUALLY be ignored in thin wires at 60Hz power-line frequencies.”

Copied the above from an online science forum. The cladding sparked my interest as to a special case where the current would be moving/vibrating at the surface layer due to the copper. It would definitely make this a safer wire. Comments?

WOW Bill, you have a picture of a genuine “unicorn” there, first clear jacket photo I have ever seen of the markings on the insullation.

I hope you don’t mind considering the image “stolen” for educational purposes. :smiley:

(yeah I know, I am a sad case, but I just love this stuff)

BTW do you have any panel interior shots from that home??



I would believe the oxidation problems that cause the “aluminum problem” would be mitigated by the cladding but I would still want CO/ALr devices to deal with the expansion problem. The CO/ALr device uses a brass alloy screw, that more closely follows the expansion curve of aluminum.

This is from the NEC handbook commentary on 110.14

Excellent response - Thanks.

Gerry - I’ll email you a few pics. :slight_smile: