Copper Clad Aluminum

Brain cramp here - should copper clad aluminum conductors be sized larger for a circuit (like regular aluminum), or can they be sized like copper conductors?

According to the NEC Table 310.16 they’re sized the same as Aluminum conductors.

Thought so - thanks for the reply Robert.

Bill, just curious, where are you seeing copper-clad aluminum? I think that I’ve only seen it once in 25 years as an electrician.

I’ve heard that it exists, but have never seen it myself. . .

I’ve Seen It…:wink:

Pics please if you have them - I’ve never seen it.

Was this something transitional between the older and newer alloys? Timeframe used? Thanks

If anyone’s interested, here’s the NEC, Article 100 definition:

Any Pics guys. I’ve never seen it either (that I am aware of.)

Any concerns with it?

Here is a pic of the sheathing. The conductor itself looks like copper, except for the cut end where you can see the aluminum. I have found it 5 or 6 times. It was used in the 70’s for a short while.