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Try searching the MB forums (upper navigation bar between New Posts and Quick links).

After being enlightened about this “search” method mentioned above, I can now actually find old posts with information that I’m intereseted in! Thank you Mr. Maday, you made ma’day! (A little cheezy I know, but I had to do it… “fit” so well, no?:D) With that being said, I was curious about the deal of testing furnaces/heat pumps in the summertime, so I read a bunch of past posts regarding this. (Out of curiosity, has anyone ever found any “relevant” info by using “Search”? It seems like a valuable tool, but everytime I’ve used it I always end up doing this :frowning: or :roll:… Nachi is great, don’t get me wrong, but this search method needs some attention, IMHO.)

Now, my question is, moreso with Ohioans or “climate comparable inspectors”, Can someone give me some easy-to-understand info about testing heating systems in the summertime and proper protocols to follow? I understand about not testing AC systems in less than 60 or 65 degree weather… I just am a little “confused” about the heating systems, and the “old posts” seem to vary too much, contradict, and maybe even left me feeling… more confused. HVAC is definitely not my strongpoint, this is why I’m seeking more info from the more HVAC experienced…

Thanks in advance for helpful replies…Hope y’all are healthy & happy…

You’re welcome.

I believe that search NACHI is more for the totality of the site - NACHI is more than the MB, ya know. :wink:

Like Inspector Mall, MIC, Education, etc…

Check and note T-stat settings

Turn on furnace let it run till its hot in the home (ask your client).

Turn it off - wait 15-20 min.

Turn on A/C let it run 'till its cool in the house (ask your client).

Return T-stat to original settings.

Of course, there is more to look at while each is running, but I think that answers your question.

Thanks… now what about heat pumps and being above 80 degrees or that if you test one or the other (heat or AC) the other has to be working?


Come on Rick you have been listening to RR and Bushart to long I would think you would be inclined to give your client more than just following your nose to the thermostat

Charlie, you must have missed this line…

The question was…


Charlie is correct about more to the HVAC inspection.
I think I got the gist of what you were asking and responded accordingly.

For a very detailed HVAC protocol discussion THIS THREADis the bomb!
(took a while to find - so you’d better read it! :wink: )

Very nice! Thanks Rick! Not quite done reading it all yet, but some very good info. from what I’ve read so far…

Bingo! Then, six months later when your Client calls to say that the furnace or A/C isn’t working: “Remember what you said at the inspection, that it really heated up/cooled down the place? Well, now it looks like it’s time to call the HVAC guy.”

Recommend everyone read the old thread link that Rick put up.
Good stuff on expectations that go beyond HVAC.

Oooooops. Is this thread about HVAC or a new method of generatiing electricity called “cornfusion”? (Sorry, Joshua. It’s those mid-morning margaritas.)