Costom Duty on Nachi products

I just received a packet of Water/Gas tags from Nachi Store.UPS charged me $17 as custom fee.Which I have to pay for getting stuff worth $40.

At the time of placing order nothing mentione by Inter Nachi Store Dept regarding this overhead fee.
Is it routine happening.

S maangat

Sorry Sucha .
I have written many times on this Forum .
The best way to ship to Canada is via Mail .cost $5.00 for examination .
WE usually get charged 13.00 % HST the same as any Canadian Purchase .
Never allow the supplier to ship via UPS to Canada , they seem to have various charges the can add up big time .
To avoid high shipping charges you can use what many Canadians use and get your packages shipped to the Border cost per package is usually $5,00 .

Great people good service send me email if you have any questions .

Seems to me you guys should have that kind of stuff printed up there (your Logo, not Nachi’s) and avoid these fees altogether.

I got my shut off tags made for me here. Same size as a business card with a hole in the corner for a zip tie. 500 of each cost me 45 dollars.

I believe getting charged with customs when ordering from States is a hit-or-miss. I recently ordered an adapter for my pole camera from States. It was delivered to my house in about a week - no customs. I was told that some people had to pay and some didn’t.

Thanks Roy for valuable information.

Sorry all the proper address to get parcels sent to the border](

Roy, I believe that the correct web address is

That looks like a pretty interesting option for Canadians. Roy, have you used this service before? Does it work well?

You mentioned above that you only wanted to use suppliers that ship via USPS to Canada. I don’t know if you saw my post in the other thread about this subject, but the USPS will not allow us to ship anything over 4 pounds via ground to Canada anymore, only air mail, which is very expensive.

this would be fine if you live near a border crossing that has this service, but I am not going too drive for 5 hours to the nearest border crossing to save $50 in shipping. Whatever happened to getting a willing Canadian to stockpile books and binders in their garage and then send them out as required. I know there were a few people who volunteered to do this. Surely something could be worked out so that their time and space where compensated for and still save the person ordering the items a few dollars on what they are paying for shipping now.

Thanks for, the correction yes I use them frequently and so do many Canadians .
They get from 200 +++ a day at the one I use great people great service .

I just talked to them a skid charge is $27.50 total charge