Ordering Outlet items

Is there a way to reduce shipping fees? I mean 33 bucks for 56 bucks worth of stuff is nuts!

I wanted to order the how to run a successful business book but shipping is 30 for a 30 dollar book and 30% exchange rate here is Canada

I go to USA frequently . I have my packages shipped to Wellesley Hard ware 5.00 US

this should give you some info
.If you have any questions send me email and I will try and help. … Roy Cooke


The Canadian customs people are extremely helpful .
I and my kids get things shipped to Kinek frequently .
WWW.kinek.com](http://www.kinek.com) has I think over 2000 Kinek points in the usa.
If it is loose boxes of books they charge $5.00 per box.

Hi folks.

Robert, did you choose UPS or USPS First Class? I just checked on our site, and USPS First Class should be $18.21 to deliver that book to your postal code, and you usually don’t have to pay those taxes or customs fees that your country’s government charges that UPS is required to charge.

Jay, I see you’re also in Canada. I checked your shopping cart and see that you were trying to order 5 MIC signs, and a pack of MIC flyers. $32 via UPS Standard to Canada is the correct amount, the MIC signs have to be packed in a box thats 30" x 20" x 6". As of 2015, UPS is now doing dimensional pricing for packages, it gets calculated at a bit more money than normal.

USPS only offers First Class Mail up to 4 pounds to Canada, and the 5 signs and stands weigh more than that. That means the only other option is USPS Priority Mail, which appears to be $47.91 to your address.

Shipping to Canada is expensive guys, and there’s nothing we can do about that. Those shipping prices are tied directly to our UPS and USPS accounts, and you’re getting actual live rates from those shippers.

That’s not bad to ship to Canada.

BULK BUY :slight_smile:

Think ahead to reduce future shipping costs.

Shame there was no way to set up a distributor in Canada for us Canucks. I had roofing signs made for me that were the same size as the election lawn signs for $3 a piece. Oh well I guess its the price for starting up, gotta spend it to earn it.

I have had three realtors ask if I have signs. I am trying to push the idea of pre inspections through knowledge and how realtors benefit from it, some of them are warming up to the idea