don't use u.p.s.

I purchased on the internet a couple weeks ago a gift for my wife from a company in the states. They ship via u.p.s. , they quoted my shipping costs for the item at 31.29 . When dropped the item off on Friday I had to pay an additional cost of 66.15 to receive the item.
I will sure check to see how companies ship before I order from the states again.
Anyone else run into these SUPERCHARGES ?


You have to pay the Import Duties due on the Goods in addition to the Shipping Charges.

The problem exists both ways for Goods between the USA and Canada.

I have purchased many other things from US companies and have never paid chages like that before . I think it’s rediculous.
I sent an e-mail to the company complaining but don’t expect to hear anything , I’m only Canadian you know, small potatoes.


The additional charge you had to pay was likely the brokerage charge. You’re right, don’t get anything shipped by the courier companies (esp UPS) if you can help it. I almost always ask for it to be sent by regular postal service. An extra couple of days wait but no additional charges.

Free Trade did away with Duties between Canada , USA and Mexico some years ago for all products manufactured in these countries.

This has been talked about many times on the BB to never ever use UPS across the border.
Mail is the best and any other Company ( But UPS ) is next.
… Cookie

Thanks guys , mail it will be from now on.

I agree with shipping through USPS - however, anything of significant value can be another story. Order that come through courrier companies - especially UPS add brokerage fees onto the transaction.

I have ordered and paid for software and requested delivery through USPS. The issue was the mail was lost in delivery. Guess who was out of pocket? I never received the package. So where possible if it is of value - I suggest insurance on the delivery of postal items.

U.P.S. is by far the most expensive way of sending anything by express to Canada. Period.


I did an inspection some time ago for a UPS employee.

I mentioned the outrageous brokerage charges they make and he said he has heard lots of people say the same thing but they still do it.

They are thieves!

Merry Christmas to all :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Whenever I order something from the U.S, I always stipulate snail mail,or USPS. Recently, I bought an antique transit level and it arrived in 2 weeks.No special add-ons, just regular mail with a wee bit of insurance.

On a side note, I notice that UPS and FedEx are merging…gonna call the newly formed company…FEDUP!

C’mon,ya had know that was gonna come from somewhere:mrgreen: :mrgreen:

I recently ordered GPS for business and as usual when I purchase an item I always confirm that they will ship item as warranty repair prior to purchasing or confirming payment, as in Ebay. This has worked well for me over the years…have got tons of stuff without paying heavy shipping charges and no duty. Except for NACHI inspection books, got nailed big time on them. I believe Roy notified everyone to choose cheaper method but it was too late for that purchase.

This is for educational use only and is not meant to endorse a method of avoiding duty :mrgreen:

Don’t forget about the G.S.T.

Fedex nextday delivery includes brokerage fees, always verify!

UPS used to give airmiles, but not anymore. UPS has certainly gone down hill.

"On a side note, I notice that UPS and FedEx are merging…gonna call the newly formed company…FEDUP!

C’mon,ya had know that was gonna come from somewhere"

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