Could this location be too hot?

I put in the report to doublecheck what the temperature ratings were on the sprinkler head.

Could the amount of radiant heat that emits from the water heater flue pipe and possible spillage at start up cause an issue with this sprinkler head?

Considering you can touch the outer wall of the double wall flue with your hand, I wouldn’t think so. You’ve got codes that require “distance to combustibles”, and it looks like that’s okay. If it got hot enough to set off the sprinkler, I would imagine it would be a good thing for the sprinkler to be going off anyway. But I don’t know what the “codes” say about proximity. But, that’s just my logical observation, and not based on any codes or requirements I’ve read. Others with specific sprinkler experience may chime in with more experienced thoughts.

The operating temperature of the frangible bulb is around 155 degrees for the red bulb. A B-vent should never allow that much heat to escape.

Only if the appliance is operating at normal temps.

If the appliance isn’t operating properly, and the B-vent is emitting temperatures above 155 degrees, the appliance is probably on fire. In which case, we would hope the sprinkler head is functioning properly. . .

Not necessarily so…when I was just getting into the residential energy conservation game in 1977 (remember that far back??), I did furnace, boiler and hot water tank combustion efficiency testing. One oil fired DHW heater had a flue gas temperature of 750+* F !!! Could’ve / might’ve set the home on fire but did not!

That first year was one of great learning.

So much for efficiency :smiley:

These ones are actually more appropriate for residential utility closets. The green bulb is rated at 200 degrees F.