Courses are Available for NACHI

If a designated chapter would like to offer a class, seminar or power point presentation to benefit the members in your Chapter area, you have come to the right post:

At present, I have 23 diferent outlines, power point presentations and internet streaming videos, which NACHI Chapters may desire to use in conjunction with their meetings. As I just did for 1 chapter, I can modify the presentation to allow it to meet the time requirements for the allocated time for the presentation.

Live speakers are always best and Russ Spriggs is traveling the country to benefit new and existing chapters. When a specfic speaker is not available, it is a great alternative for a NACHI meting with substance.

If you are a Constituted Approved NACHI Chapter, send me an e-mail by going to

Let me know what topics would benefit your meeting, and our staff will go to work to help your presentation. We can also assist you with a presentation if you already have an idea in mind. Our staff can help you design your owne powerpoint presentation and we even have educational disks to develop Power Point Presenations which cost us under $ 30.00. A far cry from the hundreds you would normall pay for the product.

You can also download the Power Point Program to view an entire presenation and Microsoft gives that out free to anyone willing to download the product.

Send me an e-mail or write me a letter at:
Merrell Institute- Chapter Education Support (NACHI)
1461-16 Lakeland Ave
Bohemia, NY 11716

Much luck and success in your career goals. Permission is not needed other than being a chapter prisident who agrees to use the material exclusively for your chapter presentation.

Have a great day.

Bill Merrell- Merrell Institute

Hi to all,

Bill, as you are a commercial provider of courses that is an extremely generous offer, I hope that some of our chapters take you up on the offer.



Thanks Gerry,

Rather than having Chapter Presidents jump through hoops to attempt to get a presentation, which was supposedly available to all Chapter Presidents. I find this is not the case anymore. Chapter Presidents also volunteer their time. They should be given positive information for their members, rather than a runaround. I believe as a fellow NACHI member I have and am committed to helping fellow NACHI members.

Hope to hear from Chapter Presidents.

Bill M.,

Please expand on this. What is a Constituted Approved NACHI Chapter? Does the NY FingerLakes Chapter meet this requirement?

John B.

I don’t know? Are you a legally constituted chapter? Please advise!


Actually I will Fastreply to NACHI and ask them if your chapter is- Are you asking for anything specific or was it a general inquiry. Do you desire a presentation for an upcoming chapter meeting, or was this on the lines of a general question regarding your chapters status in NACHI? If the question was regarding your chapters status, then you should speak with Nick. I do not approve, disapprove or constitute chapters on behalf of NACHI.

We hold our meetings at a Holiday Inn Express. Does that make us a legally constituted chapter?

Actually Greg, since you hold your meetings at a Holiday Inn Express, it makes you smarter… (that could become an ad for their Hotel) a chapter must be able to enter into an agreement to agree to use the material for only its membership- very simple- I was told by my attorney that the chapter must have a legal recognition, such as the case set forth above in order to be able to sign a contract.

That would also be true if a chapter were to file to offer state approved courses in our state.

On a Serious Note:

Greg- If you have a topic and I can help with my materials which you agree to use exclusively at your meeting, give me a call. You have my number and e-mail.

Thanks and much success.

But I do think your chapter must get credit for staying at a Holiday Inn. I still think it would be a great commercial.

All Inquiries should be submitted to: Topic- time frame of presentation requested, and date of chapter meeting- We will see how we can help to benefit NACHI membership across the country.

Please use this system- and e-mail me- All the other questions such as are you a legal question are questions for Nick in Colorado. I will verify that the person is a Chapter President and is actually hosting a meeting before I give them materials.

All you need to do is sign a simple agreement stating is is not being used for profit, and is only being used for and in conjunction with a NACHI meeting.

Thanks Bill

Sorry for the humor but I couldn’t resist.

I will follow up at a later date to see what you have available.

Sound Great Greg- Happy to help!

Mr. Merrill

I would like to have an opportunity to discuss this post with you.

Would you please provide a phone number and best time to contact you, as I am not an advocate of resolve, of matters such as this, over the internet.

Thank you.

Russ Myers

President, NACHI Chicago Chapter
NACHI, State of Illinois Education Administrator
Chairman, NACHI Education Committee