Nachi Certified Training??

It is my understanding that NACHI Certified Training is a private for-profit company. I am confused as to why the bulk mailing seems to be going out with the subject line as " NACHI Seminars" and the mailing states that “[FONT=Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif]NACHI is taking the training to the streets of North America! 22+ major centers”.

In my book, this is more than a bit deceptive since I am not sure that “NACHI” is doing any such thing but rather “NACHI Certified Training” is doing the taking to the streets.

NACHI is making an effort to create educational opportunities for chapters to provide training seminars that help provide revenue to support and promote the chapters members.

I am a bit perplexed that NACHI would allow (or promote) a private company that appears to be advertising in a manner that might deceive a member into thinking that it is NACHI.


David, You’re right - It can be confusing and maybe deceiving. Vendors have a lot of influence in NACHI, more than I would allow. I would prefer the members having the most influence, but that’s not the way it’s set up. When other inspectors ask me the pros and cons about joining NACHI, I always tell them that they just need to be careful, like you have been, about recognizing when an apparently “official” NACHI message is really a sales pitch from a vendor. It happens way too much. I try to avoid doing business with the NACHI “approved” vendors if I can, because of that deceptiveness. I try to find others who provide the same service without resorting to questionable marketing. And I know that there are other members out there who will disagree, saying that it’s not questionable at all, just smart marketing. To me, the integrity of being 100% up front about who you are and what you’re doing, is a lot more important than “smart marketing.”

There are still tons of great benefits, which maybe compensate for the vendor problem.

I have some questions as well.

I have written (so far) 2 1/2 state licensed continuing education courses for my state and taught them.

Yet, I am told that I am not a “NACHI Certified” educator and cannot provide these courses anywhere else.

I taught one of these courses at the Ohio Chapter’s education event (and paid my own gas, hotel and attendance costs. Not complianing, only stating facts.) but was dressed down because I was not considered a ‘NACHI approved educator’.

I would be very interested in finding out exactly what the rules and proceedures are.

By appearances, those using the name “NACHI Certified Training” have the permission of NACHI to represent itself as such and, accordingly, would also be able to market itself as such.

If, indeed, this training is being provided free to NACHI members (financed by NACHI) - it is provided by NACHI, albeit through a commercial enterprise.

Seems much ado about nothing when considering the value of training.

“Licensing”, as a means of restricting competition, is neither an original idea nor is it limited to home inspection legislation, Will.:wink:


Maybe you misunderstand.

These courses are already licensed by our state, Licensing is not the issue.

I was told by someone in NACHI tyhat I could not do these courses, at no profit to myself (i.e. not a vendor) because I was not 'NACHI certified".

That is the difference.

Excuse me, but I saw nothing on the “NACHI Certified Training” web site that suggests that these seminars are “free” to NACHI members. Send me that info.

I don’t believe this training is free. The invitations that I have received have all had costs ranging from $75 and up. I’m referring not only to “NACHI Certified Training,” but to other vendors as well.

If this training is free to me as a NACHI member, then I will be pleasantly surprised.

I don’t have a problem with vendors selling seminars to members, or anyone else for that matter. Even having their trainings “NACHI Certified” is cool too, but why should one vendor be able to name itself “NACHI Certified Training”? How about some truth in advertising here.

This is Cool:

Joe Blows Inspector Training Company - Providing “NACHI Certified” Training across the Nation!

This is not cool:

NACHI Seminars - NACHI launches 160+ Seminars Across North America!
NACHI is taking the training to the streets of North America! 22+ major centers will be visited every 8 weeks!

They are seminars (apparently) approved as “NACHI Certified” being launched across North America by (apparently) a private (for profit) company calling itself “NACHI Certified Training” Without one single disclaimer anywhere advising people that the money they pay for these seminars IS NOT going to NACHI or any NACHI chapter.

If I was any other vendor using the “NACHI Certified” seal (offered to vendors for approved courses) I would be one angry vendor.


How about a NACHI Chapter that brings an Electrical Seminar to their area to help fund their chapter and promote its members and some braniac using the NACHI name announces a nearby time slot for an electrical seminar in your backyard?

Is this not going to happen?

Yes, I understand that it goes to our CE but is the training from this for profit company (I assume someone has checked this out and we know who the players are???)

Worth a crap??

In short I am getting tired of the cost of knowledge – I understand the cost of distribution and profit of educators but the ROAD SHOW in this day and age is one of the most costly that one could think up. Esp. if the education is not good.

Yes, if this is a company and it is for profit OK we should know about it and yes it is a little tacky to pass it off as part of our Professional org. Sort of a sin but will not throw the first stone till hear from the big man

Perhaps for some reason that we do not see because of traveling across state lines and Workman’s comp laws this can not be done through a non profit.

BTW – I am not completely full of bull on this subject - Non profit transportation companies – are restricted in their travels – and crossing state lines is a NO NO. A lot of them own for profit transportation companies to get around the rules.


In the fall and winter, my chapter offers a full day of training every 30 days. It is free to NACHI members and $100 for non-members.

In October, it will be a well water sampling and inspection seminar. In December, the NACHI Caravan will travel down here from Canada and will offer one full day of Plumbing (city and rural) for Home Inspectors, and Framing for Home Inspectors the following day.

In February, we will have a residential electrical course.

None of this is used to help fund a chapter. Our chapter operates, intentionally, with a “zero” budget. NACHI pays for the hotel…NACHI pays for the training.


I was referring to the “approved” instructors interfering with your competing against them in that venue.

You do understand that the approved NACHI instructors are paid for their services, right? NACHI pays them. Not the trainees.

That is fine to operate on a zero budget but here inspectors are more than willing to pay for their continuing education and are delighted if the funds can be used to provide them with valuable services and help promote NACHI and it’s area inspectors over the “other guys”. In fact if the promotion is handled just so, NACHI will pay for some of that as well.

Offering CE at a pricepoint way below most vendors and offering the class to all inspectors is a good way to go. Just think, non-NACHI members funding the promotion of NACHI members! That has a beautiful ring to me.

NACHI has been paying instructors to do chapter sponsored seminars right along. Paying the instructor, the transportation and the room while chapters can collect fees, pay for lunch and keep the proceeds for chapter member promotion. Some do a non-NACHI rate, a NACHI rate and a chapter member rate.


What are you saying??

The issue as I see it is this a for profit corp and is the training worth the $$ that we put on the table?

I still stand by statement that a ROAD SHOW is NOT cost or profit worth a dam

On line is the way to go – This idea that the “personal interaction” is worth the $$ and that certain people learn better in a " in person" atmosphere" is a lot of BS.

Welcome to the new world


The only thing our chapter promotes is home inspections and training for its members.

We usually have around 25 folks in attendance and half hold dual membership with ASHI.

I have to disagree with you, Richard.

Just putting three home inspectors together at the same lunch table for conversation affords the opportunity for new ideas or new ways of looking at old topics. Your computer is certainly a source for learning, but nothing beats “butts in seats” classroom training - with the opportunity to ask questions and go deeper into the topic, IMO.

NACHI requires more CEUs than any other home inspection association and, quite fairly, offers more educational opportunities for its members than any other association. Whether it is free or paid for, new information that will help you provide a better service to your client is priceless.

Whatever works.

I tend to agree but in a state like Wisconsin there are still many that are intimidated by the internet and like to do “in person” classes and get questions answered in real time “face to face”. Plus a nice lunch and time to chat with other inspectors away from the wife and kiddies is a plus.