Cover attached to fascia

Had a realtor call me about a cover attached to a fascia on a house she’s selling. The house is a manufactured home and the cover as you can see is attached only to the fascia no additional supports on the house stuff but on the far side there is additional supports.

She was asking my opinion. I told her that what I was taught is covers should not be attached just to a fascia board as there is very minimal support. They should also not be attached directly to manufactured home as they do not have the engineering designed to carry this load. In our area we can sometimes have no snow during the winter sometimes we can have up to 3 ft standing on the ground at one time.

I would love your input on it. Is there a way without adding posts to support this cover? Or was I taught wrong?

Becuase you can not see what was fashioned in the attic Structurally, the porch overhang requires added support and bracing. Secondly, it’s a cross gable low slope roof and it appears valleys where created by adding the porch roof that could compilate roof drainage as well.
Refer to a licensed building contractor to analyses and improve.
Just my 2 cents mind you.