Patio Cover

I will be inspecting this newly built home tomorrow and I received this photo from the buyer’s Realtor. She is concerned that this patio cover has no support post. Based on the photo I agree with her. The wood is already twisting and warping and our friend Gravity will continue to cause issues over time. I have seen many similar patio covers but they have all had a support post installed in the outside corner. Not having seen more than this photo I am inclined to recommend a support post be installed. Thanks in advance for any thoughts on this.



And I agree.

Sky hook will work too…

Assume NOTHING! Who cares about the twisting and warping, it is only a cosmetic issue. There is no load other than it’s own weight. If you are unable to make any factual determination as to it’s actual construction method, you should tread very carefully when making any comments as they could come back to bite you in the a-s-s!

That’s enough for me to call out “appears structurally deficient”

I would recommend that the buyer request documentation for permits. What’s holding it up? Fairy dust?

Cantilevered or counter-balanced, thus my comment above.

FUBAR ! I doesn’t appear they have any hangers. Are they toe nailed to the beam above?

Thanks for the input! I’ll see how it looks in person to and go from there. thanks guys!


You ain’t gonna “cant” something like that.

But it looks like they “can” and did. May not stay that way though.

How far of a span are you guessing that is ?

Then maybe it’s Indian magic.

You see the photo just like us. Explain to us all how they did what they** DID**!

Such as a counter-weight or simply fastened in place. With NO load other than it’s own weight, it’s a simple project.

“Inspector could not verify that pergola supports are properly cantilevered. Recommend evaluation by structural engineer”

Twisting of a rafter will affect its ability to bear load.

if it is cantilevered that would make for some low ceiling heights in what ever is behind that door

Youse guys need to open your eyes and minds to consider non-traditional methods of construction. Stop thinking like this is a deck or balcony because it is not. It is simple light construction with NO LOAD other than it’s own weight.

Anyone who recommends a SE for this should be stripped of their license and ridiculed in shame!

Of course, that is JMHO!