Garage on a manufactured home

I know it’s not the best picture it’s only want to have on my phone my camera is not with me at the moment. I inspected the house today the manufactured that has a garage attached to the side. I know you’re not supposed to have dick coverings attached to the house or decks attached to the house as they’re not designed for the additional load. The trusses run parallel to the house so there is very minimal load from the roof on the house however there’s an overframe from the trusses to the house. This has a solid concrete skirting similar to that of a foundation apparently it has an engineered attachment for tie downs using that skirting. Whats else’s thought be I’ve gone back and forth on this all day.

I don’t understand what you are trying to ask.

Yeah I can see how my rambling never really made a real question. Can a manufactured home have an attached garage. Am i worrying about engineering loads for nothing? I don’t want to call out have it evaluated by an engineer for no reason and don’t want to miss a potential major issue. You can see the way the house is oriented to the garage and a rough picture of framing with the firewall., The garage was packed with crap so a better picture was not available inside. The real reason I question this is the peak over the garage it not straight which makes me question the quality of install and who may have installed it.

Looks okay from N. MI. :smile:

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Larry thanks, I think I got in my own head today and couldn’t get out.

The roofs can tie in together but the entire garage has to be self supporting to pass a manufactured home certification on FHA loan.

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