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I guess it is my turn again!

As far as my position on CMI, we are working on two designations. Nick has been kept up to date on these. Take a look at Both CMI and MBI are on there. Under the master inspector network, you as an inspector decide which you want to belong to as long as you qualify.

Also, as the real estate market has turned a complete 180 over the last couple of years. Because of this, we have focused over the last [FONT=Arial]six months on another project for master inspectors and any inspector that has been in business for over 2 years or completed 250 full fee paid retail home inspections. After all, there are far more listings today than there are buyers for those listings! [/FONT]

The concept is certified pre-owned houses. Nick was also made aware of this too. This is where Nick came up with Move in Certified! For those that will not make the experience level, for the master inspector program, his program will fit in. Maybe we will duplicate the technology for Nick’s program! Who knows?

Here[FONT=Arial], inspectors will be able to sell pre - listing inspections and offer more than just a report of problems. It is a COMPLETE marketing system for Realtors and sellers. It will track all leads for realtors, sellers and you. Anyone wanting to download the inspection summary, inspection report, contractor bids, new home owner postcards and labels, etc. etc. will be tracked through the login process. [/FONT]

The rating system to be approved as a certified pre owned house is controlled by the inspector under their log in functions. [FONT=Arial] Not all houses will pass therefore not all houses will be CPOL/CPOH. This will help eliminate wasted marketing for Realtors on houses that will never sell unless the seller agrees to escrow or fix those problems, upon which the property will pass the CPOL rating. [/FONT]

If you meet the qualifications, and would like to help us with BETA testing, feedback, suggestions etc. Any inspectors interested in helping us here should email We are looking to launch the BETA version for all inspectors by August 1st. It’s a great program to help prepare sellers for the reality of the current market trends.

As far as CMI as a designation, I discussed many times we have been planning a program for years, have been discussing it for years, even with Nick many years ago and now are almost ready to launch it with our cerfified preowned listing program.

Like it or not, there are inspectors that will never accept a CMI designation as long as inspectors have been approved or are perceived to have been approved without the proper experience or number of inspections or even related to the organization that holds it. My attempt to clean it up was not accepted. My suggested changes were shot down for many reasons, some good, some not so good. So it remains as it always was and is, good or bad depending on your perception or more importantly your experience in the industry. As far as my position, when you feel like you are flogging a dead horse, no matter how many times you do it, it still will not move!

We are very exciting about bringing CMI, MBI or inspectors with over 250 inspections business as our certified pre owned technology launches. Again we are bringing solutions to the industry not delivering problems.

As an example, we are talking to brokers today with over 2000 listings! Will they endorse the program in a buyers market! We believe so, or at least we hope so, especially when the average cost of an inspection to a seller before the contract is signed is about $400 compared to afterwards, being in the thousands. We are in a buyers market. As inspectors we must adjust to the market accordingly.

This is the only real estate site that is where listing are approved by inspectors, and by an inspector rating system.

If you have any suggestions or ideas please feel free to call us or let us know.

Kind regards to all.


So what happens when the person with 120 hours of education, 251 inspections and two years in business “Certifies” a pre-owned home, and a Certified Master Inspector inspects the property for an educated buyer and finds significant defects that were “missed” during the certification inspection?

I had to ask.:wink:


So you’re telling us that in order to be listed as a CMI and an MBI, we need to cough up $250.00 for each one.

That’s absolutely ridiculous.

Follow the money.

The jig is up.

We can now see what Rowan has been working on in the dark.

Pull the plug on his a$$.

Well I think we have given " Michael " enough rope he can now hang him self .
This is usless and selfish.
I feel he can take his balls and go home I do not want to play in his ball game .
Mike there is No f in way .
Go home and leave us alone the sooner the better… Cookie

John Bowman…do you still give this program of Rowan’s your full and enthusiastic support?

CMI, MBI debates aside, I’m interested in details on the pre-listing inspection thingy. Anything that brings more inspections to me can’t be all bad.

Where did you read that?

I suppose this could happen. However, this could happen currently with ASHI, NACHI, NAHI etc inspectors inspecting a home that is not a CPOL.

You are absolutely right. There are currently 1000s of homes listed for sale. Realtors are doing anything and everything they can to help their listings sell faster. They are also giving BACK listings because of seller’s unrealistic expectations with regards to market price and value of their homes. This program will not only help sellers gain a more realistic view of their property, but will help realtors stop wasting advertising budgets on homes that will never sell. Our focus is to bring more inspections to inspectors.

To date, I have yet to meet a single inspector who is successful marketing and selling pre-listing inspections. This program is the perfect vehicle to bring those inspections to you and everyone who qualifies can inspect under the program.

We are providing solutions for the industry, not creating problems.

We have had this idea for years, now is just the perfect time to launch because of the current market conditions. We also have In a few weeks we will be turning on the technology for this program and are very excited about it’s potential for all inspectors across the nation.


Nick is silent. He is thinking very hard.
At least we got Mike to poke his head out and make a peep.

I fully understand that, however the public is going to equate a “Certified Pre-Owned Home” with a Certified pre-owned vehicle. I.E. someone pays for repairs.

If you are certifying that the home is the condition stated in the original inspection report, who is going to stand behind the house to certify it?

Perception is reality, and the homeowner, or buyer, or real estate salesmen will be looking for someone to pay for the discrepancy, will they not?

It’s a great marketing idea, I’m just trying to ascertain the liability involved.

I’m sure that he is proud to be able to develop such a program as CMI to simply help Inspection Depot with their “google ranking” in order to launch their own money making projects.

At least they are kind enough to still offer CMI to anyone who might still want it instead of the more prestigious “MI” rating which you must be a full ASHI member (or equivalant) to get.:wink:

You and me both fully certified in whose eyes.
The closest I have seen to perfection is my wife and I only give her a 9.9 .
I know I can go into any home and find things that could be better.

The point here, Cookie, is that the home is being certified. That has a perceived meaning to the consumer.

Am I reading “Certified Pre Owned Listing” incorrectly. Perhaps it will just be certified that the home is pre owned…:smiley:

Yes, the public will equate this to a certified pre-owned vehicle. This would be the greatest compliment to the program and it’s standards.

“If you are certifying that the home is the condition stated in the original inspection report, who is going to stand behind the house to certify it?”

Not every house will pass the rating system to become a CPOL. This will only help the market. Again, Realtors won’t waste time on listing houses that won’t sell and Sellers have the option, if their home does not pass, to make the necessary repairs, and have it reinspected. The seller may also choose to list the home “AS-IS” no repairs made, and adjust their listing price accordingly.

I hope this answers your question.


And who gets the inspection $$?

How much goes to

Does the inspector have to pre-pay a small fee?

Why do we have to wait so long for answers?

Is ID trying to sell us something?

If so what?


Yes Catherine, it does. Thank you.

It also tells me that the original inspector needs to be very much on top of his/her game in documenting all conditions and limitations. The first inspector with 251 inspections rates the house a 94 and the second guy with 3000 says it’s a 58.

This exemplifies the arguments about the CMI program from the get go.

No way I will certify a pre-owned house other than to say yes it was owned before and yes I inspected it, I am a generalist I cannot certify that repairs were made properly or offer any type of warranty, regardless of how many inspections I perform. I advertize that my skills to perform inspections are certified not the dwellings I inspected. No thanks, I will pass on the lead boat ride.

The public is going to assume that the house is in as good a condition as a new house and any repairs will be made free, the liability will be tremendous and we would need a 1000 page SOP and COE.