Cracks in cmu foundation

Did a house today that had a cmu foundation which I very very very rarely see in my area. There were quite a few cracks which is really surprising to me. Our soil here is primarily rock covered with usually maybe 6in of dirt. At what point would you call out a large number of cracks a foundation issue. None were wide at all, primarily just tiny hairlines however some did stair step. Oh and the house is from 1968.

Observation: CMU, Concrete Masonry Unit block foundation walls.
Recommend: A licensed CMU, Concrete Masonry Unit block foundation wall installation and repair contractor:
1: Assess the foundations overall performance.
2: Repair or replaced damaged CMU blocks,and cracks in the mortar creating mortar bond loss which is an entry point for water infiltration.
3: Limitations: No or limited access to Area/s below steps, decks, patios. Exterior of Foundation below grade. Interior wall assemblies. Etc…

Hope that helps.

Settlement/movement cracks, from here it looks like the foundation is not going anywhere anytime soon. Just needs sealing.

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No cracks above grade will ever allow water entry.
Likely post construction settlement, as Simon said.


Agree… …