Philly Rowhome, Stone Foundation

Hey all,

What is your recommendation when you have a finished basement and you can see the parge coat is crumbling behind the walls? What are the implications of not removing the finished walls and parge coating the stone foundation?

Sounds like a lot of the older Philly city homes, where in the city?

In most cases the “parging” was applied to cover the old rubble or even old brick foundations that can deteriorate over time. As long as moisture is not an issue the foundation walls are likely OK.

Need photos of the outside!


Parge coatings are non-structural and considered a cosmetic ‘finish’. As Jeff stated above, unless there is a moisture issue, it’s generally a non-issue.


Jeff and Jeffrey have good points and I would make it very clear that there is parge coat crumbling and some sand/earth falling down (which may have come from the panel installation work) AND that you are unable to make an opinion judgement on the condition of the foundation walls, or anything else, that are not visible behind the finished basement walls, in your report.

You may want to recommend that those unseen areas may be able to be assessed with the proper “snake eye” equipment that a qualified professional can use for better knowledge, before the end of the inspection contingency period.


Thanks guys, I appreciate the help. :+1::+1: