Crane Air Handler Age

I have read in other posts that Crane stopped making HVAC products in 1968. I inspected an electric furnace yesterday, house built in 1980. Seller disclosed Heat Pump is 2 yrs old. I think he must be referring to the compressor unit outside, which does look new.

The air handle S/N is B08233C9C. The Crane tag is still on the unit.I guess the “blackhorse” method indicates the unit is 2008?

I thought it may be original, that’s when the RE read the disclosure stating 2 yrs old.

Any ideas?

Magic Chef makes that model and the serial number is a close match as well. Except the C9C at the end should all 3 be letters
I saw somewhere that someone was looking for info on a Magic Chef forced air furnace with that same model number. Hope this helps. Check the 9 and see if it was a g, if it is, it would be march of 1986.

The exterior unit might have been replaced and not the interior? If the owner says heat pump, they are more than likely talking about the exterior portion. Most refer to the interior portion as the air handler.

It’s a shot in the dark from my knowledge (I just googled and read for a while), hope it helps.