Crawl Space Hazards and Inspection

As a Florida Home Inspector in Palm Beach County, Crawlspace Inspections are a frequent aspect of many of my Home Inspections. The majority of these spaces are confined within a poured concrete stem walls and the wood components are confined to the floor joists, bridging, and top plates bearing the joists. The danger involved in accessing these spaces is always the rodents, snakes and insects you know you will be confronted with- it is always advisable to be very well protected with a water resistant heavy coverall, gloves, respirator and head protection. This may seem like overdoing it, but not after some of the spaces I have experienced.

I do not do them. They can hire someone else for that crap. No way Jose :slight_smile:

Being a newbie to inspecting, (but not to construction) it is the one aspect I gotta admit I’m not looking forward to. The majority of homes in my area of Florida are slab foundation but the older historic homes…man, that robotic crawler I’ve seen in Inspekt magazine for $2500.00 with the remote cam is starting to sound really reasonably priced!

Moccasins, Rattlers, pigmy rattlers and pissed off mama coons are just a fact of life here. I’ve come across many of 'em growing up but, the idea of being in a confined space with 'em isn’t a comforting thought.
Maybe bringing along my little .22 loaded w/ snake-shot wouldn’t make too bad of a first impression with the Agent and the client…ya think?! :wink:

Spoken like a local :slight_smile: I’m just past the point of bothering with that . When I was young I would have dove in but now f-it. I made it to early and lost it to soon :slight_smile: I’ll get it figured again I am certain.

Tell them to crawl it if you are worried about what they think :). They may just want to borrow your rig…Yeah right a realtor work!! Bwa ha ha haaaaa.

Lol Yeah, next February I’ll be staring 50 in the face and I definitely have a different mindset than when I was 25. At least where my personal well-being is concerned. I think it’s gonna have to be a “case by case” policy when it comes to crawlspaces.

I’ve been in some over the years where I wasn’t the only one down there. I had a coon come after me once in one back in the 90’s and I am lucky I was under there with a framing nailer. She came charging at me screeching and I pulled the safety back with my fingers and let loose with 5 or 10 nails and she shot back to the dark end of the crawlspace opposite of me.

I shot out into the daylight!

I left the nailer, a scab board and a bottle jack under there and told my Boss I had everything set up; ready and waiting for him!:smile:

Lol. that will teach him :slight_smile: I do use my camera when possible but many are very hard to get into and I am simply not interested in risking my a-s crawling around under a house in FLORIDA.

Pu ssy! I’m 63.
I do very many every month up here.

Fu-k that . I’ll send you any I come to. I normally do not get houses with crawls in my area and when i do they are normally low cost homes and the folks usually go for the cheapest guy they can find.

You’re a Pu ssy times 6.

I guess the old saying is true.

You are what you eat :twisted::smiley:

Just admit it that you are a pu ssy !
Just say yes I am! Because your to scared to do crawls…

Not scared, disgusted hot and nasty. I AM A PUS_Y :slight_smile: