Crawler droid with camera for crawlspace areas that are not humanly accessible?

Hi all,
For the times and places in the crawlspace that are not humanly possible to crawl or access…looking for a droid robotic crawler with lights and cameras. Any recommendations? Thanks!!

Scot Baker, CMIsbaker2Certified Master Inspector


Dec '18

I build and sell the leader in crawlspace UAVs. BIGCrawler 360. Seven of them in the picture here. My website address below has information. My YT channel has plenty of videos.

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This is a awesome.

These look great but their website states that they are no longer selling them.

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SuperDroid carries them. A little pricey but depends on what you want. Bert Hull @bhull1 built his own and that’s the way I’m leaning.

I am currently working on the newest version which I will be selling again. Still in the process of getting going in Florida. I should have information in a week or so. This is a better source for updates. Facebook


Nice to know Scott. If I had your ability, I would probably turn this into my main business. A lot more interesting to me. :wink:

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Good to know. I deactivated my fb account though. Please let me know when you have the product available. Thanks, Stu


I’m interested. I’ll contact you on your inspection site.

Ben here from SuperDroid! Thanks @tglaze for mentioning our robot, the GPK-32. We currently have them in stock over at our main site. There’s some videos over there too if you want to see more!