Crawlspace Crawlers who has them, who has research them, who is interested in them?

What type of crawlers have you all seen and which ones do you feel that are the best?

I built mine to be the best, BarNone.


Hey there, I’m always happy to talk crawlspace crawlers!

I work for SuperDroid Robots and we build a couple different kinds of inspection robots for crawlspaces and other hard to access areas. The main one is our GPK-32, which is a tracked crawler that runs on DeWalt/Milwaukee batteries. It’s also one of the only crawlers endorsed by InterNACHI. As for inspectors who have them, I can tell you that there’s almost 500 of these crawlers in 39 states and a dozen countries.

As for other crawlspace robots talked about on the forums, Scot (@sbaker2) mentioned above he builds the BarNone and Randy (@rkehr) has been developing a unit called the Ferret Mk3.

More than happy to answer any questions you’ve got!


Our Ferret Mk3 is the latest in a series of 4/2WS Select Steer, multi-camera, feature-laden rovers. We will release it in January.

Web site will be up by mid month, to include detailed feature lists, options and custom services, along with tech articles related to the industry.


Giving this thread a bump.
Haven’t heard from any owner /operators. I, ummmm, have a Ferret. I think it’s a safe guess that Scot might have a BCBN somewhere. SuperDroid crew likely has a GPK tracking about???

Where’s everyone else?

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