Crawlspace Bots Pro/Con

Was in a really nasty crawlspace today and decided to finally investigate a crawlspace robot. Since this group is so great with feedback, I would love to hear if you think using a robot is a total replacement for crawling underneath the house? What say you?

By no means would I say “total replacement” but they would come in handy when the crawlspace could present safety issues or some areas are too tight to get to. The investment may be worth while if you in a local that has a lot of older homes built on crawlspaces.

I guess one Con is getting the thing stuck in a tight area, and spending an hour(s) trying to retrieve a $3000.00 plus piece of equipment.


Scot Baker is one of our members.


Total replacement? No. Invaluable when needed? Yes. Do not believe those that claim they are. The larger the crawlspace area the less effective they are. You always need to try to go in yourself first.


Michael, I’ve made the investment, twice. I have crawlspaces almost every day and inaccessible places only a crawler could go because of the low clearances and tight squeezes. Everything else gets eyes on it. My vehicle doesn’t do the inspection for me, it gets me to and from, like the tool it is. Get something quality, that won’t require a leash or tether or some other retrieving device; plenty of ground clearance to get over 4 inch obstacles, low overall height around 6 inches, pan and tilt camera, plenty of lighting. If you’re gonna do it, do it right, do it once.

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