Crawlspace concrete stains, any thoughts?

Noted these stains yesterday on an inspection in a 1 year old home, Look a bit like rust. Any thoughts on what would cause this?

It appears the concrete reinforcing mesh was too close to the surface and rusting.

Anything above the stains?

Sorry to ask but how would stains on a concrete floor have anything to do with the condition of major systems or components of the home. Do you comment on dirty carpets or other purely cosmetic stuff?

How about the cracks
Asking for a friend.:slight_smile:

No, no stains on subfloor above.

What would a pet urine stains all over a carpet do to the subfloor below?

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Would not know. This is a visual inspection and you can’t see what is under the carpet.

I bet you never commented on ceiling or wall water stains either. After all, who could see behind them or even know if it was water or what. Maybe someone painted the dark brown masterpiece on the wall.

Uh no you are trying to compare apples and oranges. Wall and ceiling stains are a totally different kettle of fish. Further, let’s keep this in context. You would be hard pressed to think the stains on the concrete floor are caused by pet urine and even if they were there would be nothing more.

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That sure is a possibility. But why would they put reinforcing wire in a crawl space? why not fiberglass fibers?

To add to that most of the time a crawlspace is just a slush coat.

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The house could have been built on unstable ground and the reinforced slab is also the footing?

Just asking for opinions so I can learn; that’s what the forum is supposed to be for.

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I have a few theories, but would need a better look. Do you have any other pics? Gonna have to disagree with Roy on this one. Oh, also, were there any steel framing members in the home? Like I-beams? Or duct work above the stained areas?

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The stains may have come from storage of building materials prior to the home becoming weather tight. As mentioned maybe steel was stored here before installation.


Kinder looks like pipe staging.

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^^^^^^^^^^That is what I was thinking, but there are endless potential reasons for the staining.^^^^^^^^^^

See, Scott has another potential reason with the scaffolding.

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That isn’t worth a crap. I will never use it again.

After looking at it closely it could have been metal shelving legs (or something like that) that were rusting.
It is squared out.