Crawlspace hazards

The crawl space can be one of the most dangerous part of the inspection. (1) Crawlspaces can have and fungus which can bring and allergic response to the Inspector and the Home owner. (2) The crawl can make a great home for all can of pest ( rats, ants ,snakes , and termites). (3) And if the crawl has rats then their can be a condition know has Hantavirus, which can be very dangerous. (4) Older homes may still abestus insulation. (5) An a uninsulated Crawl can be a big energy waster.

So, your point? Are you going to inspect crawl spaces? Are you scared? I have seen, and been in, crawl spaces that are cleaner than some garages and bathrooms.

Griffin K. Butler](

InterNACHI Student
New …soon to be a home inspector .

I think they are told in Class to make a post .
He is in a huge learning mode at this time .

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