Crawlspace how to deal with poisonous critters

Hello all,

Is anyone doing inspections in the Georgia, Alabama area? I have a home inspection business in WI and am going to Alabama this winter for a while. I will be doing a maintenance inspection for a friend of mine who lives in AL. He has a scary looking crawlspace - dirt floor.

In WI we don’t have anything poisonous to worry about but in AL I understand there are a lot of poisonous critters.

How do you deal with crawlspaces that may have poisonous snakes and spiders?

Thank you for your advice!

I can answer from Ohio…stay away from them.

Quit being a puss, its a dirt crawlspace. Suit up and go in. 50% or more of all home defects exist in the crawlspace.

I meant the poisonous creatures, not the crawls :smiley: