Crawlspace Header Requirements

Opening for crawlspace has one block barely supported. Small cracking observed. Seems like should have a lintel or header. Is there a resource or specifics for the requirements? Should an opening always have one?

In simple terms, any time there is one or more blocks/bricks not supported on both sides by more than few inches, there should be a lintel or some such. The opening should be 16x24 or larger.


The opening is too small but the fact that it is the last course of the foundation wall it is probably a poured bond beam in which case it doesn’t really need a lintel assuming that the bond beam is reinforced.

Can you explain what a poured bond beam is? They busted this opening to get new wood boards in. The main entrance was on the other side of the home but sellers had massive garden blocking it and that area was close to ground and tight

Here is a nice article…and it is a 2 for 1 :smile:


Great article. Considering this wasn’t a true crawlspace opening but rather an opening in the wall I’m not convinced it had a bond beam. Is there a way to tell for future reference?

Lay on your back and look up. If there are holes in the underside of the block which are not filled with mortar, then ya know. Sometimes it is visible from inside the crawl looking down. Often, the whole thing is covered up and not visible.

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Best I can do. If only I knew this at the time :grimacing:

I’ve only ever seen hollow blocks lol


I would say that opening needs additional support or reinforcement.


My thoughts too. I called it out. Thanks.

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Should be at the top of the wall along with others spaced throughout the rest of the wall depending on the load design.