Snakes....Why does is have to be snakes?

Just was at an inspection today where the client witnessed snakes in the basement in a 2006 mfg home during a showing. He put in oan offer and hired us for the inspection… I hate snakes.

No snakes found on the inside but there were several on the outside (pics 1 & 2) and there was a skin found in the garage (pics 3 &4). The grading was never finished and the egress window drain was not covered. I suspected they came through that drain into the sump crock and then into the basement.

Any help with the ID? I hate snakes…





That second one looks like the dreaded rattle-headed-copper-moccasin.

Glad you’re still alive my friend.

Common garter snake. The best of all to get over your phobia. The worst they do is crap on you. For all the snakes in Wisconsin, here is a site for you.

I was in a crawlspace a few years back… saw that the exterior covers for crawlspace were disturbed and typical evidence of pest activity was obvious from opening. Almost said “I’ll come back after it’s been looked at by pest control operator” then I changed my mind as I didn’t want to disappoint anyone… can anyone say “dumb?”

I was under there for awhile and heard the “rattle” noise about 10’ away… and more importantly behind me.

I didn’t take the time to confirm with a flashlight, but the inspection was over under the crawlspace :-).

I then realized after I came out that I had passed/crawled by that area… ugh.

I had also gotten a call about 2 minutes after leaving a job from the client, they said “There was a rattlesnake in the bush less than a foot from where you were standing and talking to us”.

I guess it’s a good day anytime it’s an “almost”!!


Thanks for the link!!:wink: I still hate snakes. I’m glad we don’t have many poisoinous ones around our area and even fewer crawl spaces! You should have seen me with our client in the basement :shock:… I don’t think he liked snakes either.

Always look before you leap into a crawl space! :wink:

I think the damn spiders are worse than the snakes.
At least you know when a snake bites you!

I agree. I used to play with them when I was a kid…That is until one of them had enough of me and latched on to my hand. It did no harm, but it hurt and scared the heck out of me. That was the end of my fun with snakes. I don’t like any more than you do any more.

I found this one in a crawlspace last week.:stuck_out_tongue:

Crawlspace Find.jpg

Crawlspace Find.jpg

I found one just like that at the St. Louis zoo! :stuck_out_tongue: They must be breading. :mrgreen:

My afternoon inspec yesterday. The home backed to a large creek (for Colorado) as i was checking out the deck that is ready to collapse, I stepped on a small snake. I quickly stepped back onto another small snake then very quickly tiptoed to the concrete pad for cover. Whoooooooo, no time to grab a photo. The dangers of this job I tell ya!!!

Wow Linus… putting on a little weight? :wink:

No wonder he’s so bitter lately! :p:twisted::D:D

Rattle snakes are in abundance this season. I rarely see them, but I’ve seen 5 this season already. One of which was a Mojave Green.

Thank God we do not have too many bad snakes in Wisconsin. I like basements better than crawl spaces too.

Yeah, they’re good eatin’. :wink:

I came across a baby copperhead today…if it were a black snake or king he would have lived… admittedly I am prejudice against poisonous snakes for which I make no apologies. : )


BTW…Mr.Copperhead is now in 6 pieces.

Garter snake…harmless.

I like snakes of all kinds. The reptile house at the San Diego Zoo is one of my favorites.

Here is a large bull snake that I came across a couple of weeks ago. My proudest moment out in the wild – LOL.

Bad taxes…Can’t hire employees…And thank God we don’ have many crawlspaces here. Our og is the best!!!:smiley:

So with this experience, was that permission for an extra marg for the evening?? Thanks for commenting!!!:stuck_out_tongue: