Crawlspace moisture damage repairs - sill plate

1965 with severe moisture damage in crawlspace. Repairs were made in one area to the tune of 4 grand. This pic shows the sill plate repair with, basically, a 1x. Can someone provide me with documentation, links, pics, graphics, narrative, etc. on sill plates/sill plate repair and the potential problems with this install/repair??

Thanks in advance.

It’s unconventional because the joist header, or band sill, is not resting on the sill. By code, the “ends of each joist” are supposed to have at least 1.5" bearing on wood (or 3" on masonry). Technically, the ends of those joists and the band sill floats in air.

(A sill plate can be a 2x4.)

I’d warn them to check for permits and lacking any, refer it to a licensed contractor or engineer.

What’s a 1X? What kind of repair on sill plates are you asking about?

1" x 1" piece of wood that they replaced the sill plate with (seen up close in pics 3 & 4) and that the new sistered joists rest on.