Crawlspace repair from 3:00--4:00 tree root plus no parging on exterior blocks

from 3:00----4:00 so again, those who always want to install an interior drainage system and sump or dkkk around with the grade, you are NOT stopping further water from entering the exterior existing defects, cracks or deteriorating mortar joints etc, no.

and some can’t even process the fact that some walls will bowed in or collapse when YOU don’t fix these problems correctly, idiotz

Hey, you’re not Mark, you’re Joe.

Hope all is good.

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lolol Hi ya Mr Larry, yeah things okay here, just tired and getting old and tired of the lies etc lol, how about you Larry, how are feeling man?

Little by little I’m healing up, my good man! But, not fast enough for me…well, at least I slid by cancer and I still have my leg. LOL!
But, I wish I still had our daughter.

Take care, man.

very sorry Larry.