Video interior basement drainage system already installed

… see the cheap WHITE crap along bottom of block walls? Yeah that’s an INT system that did not stop the water penetration through exterior cracks in these block walls, hence the discolorment n efflorescence. This guy doesn’t ‘get-it’ or, doesn’t want to spend the money necessary to correctly, once n for all, waterproof the existing problems. His caption in part goes, " will be installing beams (already see some bro), to help straighten badly bowed wall"

what many morons do not apparently understand is, the time and money that was already spent on the piece of crap interior system and n now this guy applying Tamoseal could have and should have gone to exterior waterproofing which would have stopped the water and relieved, reduced the soil pressure etc acting upon the stupid wall (s), sooo many incompetent, cheap morons = truth

shtt, am waiting for one of more INT system bubbleheads to pay n use My Pillow con artist in some of their advertising, lke your con boy President

Mark, I saw a link on another forum (can’t remember where just now) back to this forum and to one of your threads on how to waterproof right.

Your good word is getting out, my friend. Keep up the good work, my friend. :smile:

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thank you for the info Mr Larry n thanks to whoever it was that put Nachi link out there, just trying to help and can help most