Crawlspace shoes?

I crawled a 2400 Sq ft crawlspace the other day. My boots really took a beating. They cleaned up pretty good, but don’t look as nice as they once did. Do you guys have dedicated “crawlspace” shoes? Beat-up boots do not fit with my professional appearance.

I have separate shoes for everything. I get teased, but people appreciate it, it’s better than boot covers, and I have an agent who refers me for that very reason. Slip on shoes I find are best for interiors and crawl spaces

Excellent idea. I wear booties in the house, but they’re kind of a PITA. I’d be afraid that slip-on’s might become slip-off’s in the crawl.

I buy beater shoes for the crawlspace from Payless. $25 and they last a few months and its onto another pair.

Outside shoes, roof shoes (cougar paws) for steep roofs, inside shoes. I can count on one hand the crawlspaces I have seen in the last 2 years but if I was to do more than crawlspace shoes if needed. :wink:
Do your own thing Frank thats what sets you apart and its a good thing.

Thanks Ken, my own thing is not ruining my $200 Redwings in a crawlspace. :slight_smile:

I have a pair of red wing Irish setters I use. Slip on slip off.

Rubber, high top, slip on/off boots. You never know what is in a crawlspace or what was put in a crawlspace. The rubber boots can be hosed down easily afterward along with your jumpsuit, etc.

I currently use a tyvek disposable suit. I’m considering getting a washable coverall. Ooh, maybe put my logo on it.:slight_smile:

I use my regular inspection shoes then keep a pair of boots for show or mud conditions then an old pair of tennis shoes for crawlspace. Those crawls are brutal on shoes.

Outdoor shoes (Shoes For Crews), steep roof shoes (Cougar Paws), Crocs (Indoor shoes) and Thrift store specials (crawl shoes)

Looks like a trip to Payless is in my future.

I have an older pair of shoes that I don’t wear on a daily basis anymore for crawls.

Sure, they don’t look great, but when I come out of a crawl, they won’t look great anyway.

I use the “kmart specials” for crawlspaces. Have boots for the attic an roof. Normally I just take my shoes off and go socks while inspecting the inside. Tried the booties but hard to get them on and off - like when I turn on the A/C and then have to go out to inspect the unit - then turn on the water and back under the house to check for leaks. So not a fan of the booties.

Frank its a crawlspace, not a fashion show. Most of the time your going to get dirty. Its a good UPS when the client is there and you come out dirty and covered in spider webs. I have an old beater pair of boots for the crawls, slip on’s dedicated for the inside, roof shoes and general show up/leave shoes. I tried the bare foot sock thing inside but when I got to the attic space I wanted my shoes. So I now ware the inside shoes on all inspections just remember to make it known that they have only been worn inside.

Troy, umm no offense, but it’s time to put the thrift store shoes with the coffee can. :slight_smile: Although they are a testament to duct tape!:mrgreen:

I do not wear shoes for an Inspection. (Interior)…
(I go thru more socks than shoes)
and buy cheap shoes (usually 3 pair at a time) for attic, exterior and crawl inspections …
Keep extra pairs in the truck…
When you find what works… it works…

I still have half a roll of tape left, so they have some life left in them :slight_smile:

lol, that’s what I thought. :smiley:

Troy, it’s time to bury them and get some new $10 blue light specials for those crawls!

A little more duct tape and some of this and they’ll be good as new!