What Shoes Do You Wear

My shoes are about worn out and I was curious what other inspectors wear as far as shoes? I know there are shoes dedicated to walking roofs but are there any that are good for roofs and just all around comfort during a long day inspecting?

Best shoes I’ve ever had…roofs and all…most comfortable all day long…my 6th or 7th pair. :smiley:

I carry about 6 or 7 different pairs. Dress/work shoes for everday inspects, snow boots, crawlspace boots, rubber/wader boots, tennis shoes for roofs, & slippers for inside. All slip on and off easily. Lately, I’ve been considering adding snowshoes to my rolling shoe store as well :neutral:

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I carry multiple shoes and boots as well. I have clean house shoes at all times to change into as I hate those boot covers.

I generally go bare footed until the outside ambient gets down to about 15 F :wink:

those that know me, know crocs
2pr indoor & outdoor
best roof traction i’ve found

My roof shoes… for safety of course.

spring shoes.jpg

No ladder needed:mrgreen:

Two pairs of slip on shoes, one pair fitted with grabbers for ice (any woman will tell you to make sure your shoe color matches your belt color btw gentlemen) slip on Muck brand boots. Athletic sandals for indoors. I only wear my shoes in dirty homes that I wouldn’t let my sandals touch. I carry towels to set my shoes or boots on. Good, clean socks, because socks make the man…right? No special roof shoes. I am highly selective about roof climbing with a drone and spectoscope in tow. And the fact that I truly haven’t seen a roof covering in months due to snow. No home inspectors are getting on roofs in VT in conditions like these. Charley would be dead in a week here. If the roof didn’t kill him the driving conditions would.

get ya some of these

crocs for me

Silvertree Inspectors wear these


Creepy looking.


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:mrgreen:Flip flops:mrgreen:

I know where to work when things slow down… Just curious, do you require them or offer them as part of an employee incentive package.
Either way I’m sure the customer remembers who showed up.
Silver something… That’s it!

Difficult to lend a serious response when a “clown shoe” response is expected.

Seriously, its my brand.

Hey Dude I don’t kill very easy. In Okla we wear Rattle Snakes for neck ties and use cactus for toilet paper. We still hang Yankees when they stray west of the Mississippi. Come on out if the Cowboys don’t hang you the Indians might scalp you;-)

Yes right… I think I saw Joe Satriani in a pair last week. He works for you…?

You should see what Charley wears on weekends out with the wife. :mrgreen: