Crazy BB explain please

This BB just posted an old thread with my name as the last poster 11:33 AM this morning and I was 15 miles from home on an inspection and I am not wireless How can this happen.

Was it a poll?

hmm right now its 12:01PM what time does the post say

Yes it was originally a poll the post was posted at 11:33 and was on refrigerant lines

If the thread had a poll it will update each time someone answers the poll, even if you were the last poster a year ago.

If the poll originator fails to put an end date it bumps to the top every time someone answers the poll.

Baline looks to have been quicker on this one.:slight_smile:

Ok: Thought I was loosing my mind Thanks BW & ML

You may be but this issue doesn’t provide proof of that.:stuck_out_tongue: