Not even sure what to say.....

OK - you experienced guys have seen a lot, and probably aren’t surprised by anything. I’ve been fixing things for a long time, and have seen alot due to neglect, damage, d-i-y’ers that weren’t very handy, etc., but have stupidly had an assumption that it was right when it started life.

Here’s a couple of pictures from a mock inspection I’m working on that blows that theory out of the water. House was built in 1996.

First picture is return grille with a door jamb installed on top of it (no one will notice). Second is a supply vent for a toe-kick register - supply house must have run out of boots).

Looks like possible ABS drain pipe in the background, check it out that house is just at the end of its use. It leaks a lot!

Thanks for the reminder. I’m going back for more later, and I’ve added that to my notes!

Just noticed your couple of posts tonight Chad.
Very different which makes them interesting.
You seem to have a different perspective.
Keep it up.

Thanks, Bob.

I intend to use this board to learn as much as I can. Inspectors here seem unwilling to mentor or even allow a ride along. So I’ll learn everything I can here, probably do more than 4 mock inspections, etc.
Thanks for looking at my posts!

Chad I even help my competitors except one:D call me anytime or post it we can talk

and Chad, Charley was around when most of the systems currently in use were invented so He knows His stuff…


Sorry if my post was unclear - I clarified above. You have been helpful to me.

It’s apparent. Spend a little time lurking around here, and you learn pretty quickly who’s who.:smiley:

(And you can put a smiley face after anything, or a cheerful salutation, and everything’s OK)

Good thing Charley has a sense of humor Jim. :mrgreen::wink:

Must be in good shape though, last time I saw him, women were chasing him from balconies. :mrgreen:

that is a fact Sir…

Renters were told that the foundation leaks (which it might), and was too difficult and expensive to fix…

I disagree.

  1. Condensate dripping from furnace
  2. Condensate tube projecting from side of furnace (source of drips)
  3. What the acidic condensate has done to the blower compartment

I must have died and went to heaven Chad your pics were taken in 2035. ;-)Its details that makes a good inspector.:D:D

When I see an old set up like that its the first thing I look at where is the condensate going I have seen on a downflow on a crawl space water running out of the plenum and backed up into the supply ducts and dripping out of the first connection that was not sealed. Even worst on a slab foundation.

Hi Chad,

You surely have some dandy pictures posted at a couple of your posts, you seem ambitious and intelligent.

Keep up the good work, you seem like the type who will actually make it in this business.

Like others said, if you need anything call or email anytime…

If you feel like making a drive to death valley your more than welcome to follow us around for as long as you want, we’re swamped with work seven days a week.

Wow Chad I never had a offer like Dales when I first started had to do it on my own. If you truly want to learn this business take some time off from your day job and go run with Dale you would learn more than you could ever believe

I agree with you. I’m going to have to take a look and see if it’s feesible.