InterNACHI dress shirts.

I wish you had a DEAL set up for us with this company. Their prices are already much lower and shirts don’t come pre-branded
10-Year Guarantee
4-Piece Minimums
FREE Logo Set-Up*
FREE Embroidery*
FREE Printing

The quality of their products is unreal, I am VERY pleased with Queensboro…!!!

I have to agree. I had one order, where I didn’t care for the end product that I got (you can’t always tell what you are getting from a photo). I mentioned it here on this message board, and their customer service department contacted me, and sent me replacements. I didn’t even complain to them, and they took the initiative.

First class outfit! Very reasonable prices, and excellent sales!

I agree with Barry and Dale, very satisfied with Queensboro.

I agree with everyone above :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Greetings NACHI members! Thank you so much for the feedback - we always love hearing from our customers.

I will be posting a new offer either later today or tomorrow - an exclusive offer just for NACHI members.

If I can answer any questions or help in any way in the interim, don’t hesitate to let me know!


Thats terrific, I’ve purchased from Queensboro before, and been EXTREMELY pleased with the products.

I look forward to their promotions for us.

If you need a Model for your clothing, I am so ugly,it will make them look great! :wink:

We’re always on the lookout for models! And I doubt that you’re ugly … I’m sure you’d make the shirts look great regardless! :slight_smile:

Yeah if he wears them over his ugly mug. :twisted::twisted::twisted:

A hoodie and wear it backwards???

Looking forward to the offer as I was just thinking of getting my logo done on some polo shirts.

Please post your offer soon or send me one through one of my links.

The raves from members are enough for me.

Right now I use patches with stitch glue.(washes out) (need at least 3 ) or 4 and maybe a jacket.

Boy you guys are cold…

Hey Bob, if you never used them before it’s real easy to setup your logo for future purchases. Just go to their website and play around.

I also use a local lady that works from her home. The good thing about that is, when I run across a good deal on shirts/ jackets I buy several and take to her ($5 per shirt). Plus, you know the quality of the shirts when you buy them. Queensboro has been hit or miss since you can’t really “feel” the material before you buy.

Hi Robert!

It’s great that you have someone locally who can help! I agree that it can be tough to not be able to see the product before you purchase. We work hard to be as descriptive as we can and provide the best photography possible.

One thing that’s great about Queensboro (and I’d be saying this even if I didn’t work here!) is the 10 year guarantee. If you not happy with the product for any reason - you can return it! No questions asked. We’ll replace it or refund your money. We don’t want anything hanging in your closet that you’re not happy with!


That"s Good to know as I would pay an xtra five just to know I am not getting an irregular shirt.

I shy on big orders when I have not seen the product yet .

Man if someone would have given my wife that kind of guarantee I think She would have returned me by now…

Hey Kelley, That’s great to know! I just assumed since it had a logo it would be non-returnable. I do have to say I was very pleased with my last order of denim shirts (hats and bags were great too)