10% Off Your Next Queensboro Order

The Queensboro Shirt Company, a leading provider of custom logo shirts, hats, bags and accessories, is pleased to announce a special offer for members of the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors (NACHI). For a limited time, NACHI members will be able to enjoy 10% off their entire order, regardless of order size.** That’s right - if you place your first order by November 23rd, we’ll automatically deduct 10% from your order total.

In addition to giving you 10% off your entire order, we’ll embroider your standard-size logo on each item for no additional charge. We’ll also set that logo up and not charge you a dime.

We take the worry out of the ordering process by giving you, at your request, a complimentary logo evaluation. It’s just one of the ways that we work to make sure all your Queensboro surprises are pleasant ones. However, if you do happen to encounter an unpleasant surprise, we’ve got you covered.

Our industry-unique, ironclad Unconditional Ten-Year Guarantee comes with every product you order. If you’re not happy with anything you receive from us, for any reason, we’ll replace it or refund your money. It’s that simple.

We’ll let you sample Queensboro quality by ordering just four items. You don’t even have to order four of the same item. You can mix and match among any of the items you find on our website to meet that low minimum. We do have one exception to that policy. Due to special processing requirements for hats, we do require a four-hat minimum. However, we’ll never ask you to order hundreds of one item to get our best price.

How to Redeem: To take advantage of this special offer, NACHI members are encouraged to visit us at www.queensboro.com. Enter coupon code NACHI8B at check-out and your 10% savings will automatically be reduced from your order.

The Queensboro Shirt Company was founded in 1982 and is one of the nation's leading providers of high-quality, low cost custom-embroidered and printed apparel and accessories. Queensboro offers low 4-piece order minimums, free embroidery and digital printing of standard-sized logos and images, and an industry-unique Unconditional Ten-Year Guarantee on every product sold.

*** This limited-time 10% discount will be applied at checkout and only applies to merchandise ordered. It does not apply to sales tax, shipping, rush fees, or any other special requirements that may be needed to fill your order.*

I’m due for some new shirts (need larger assortment), think I will place an order.

Queensboro has to be the BEST work clothing store I have ever bought anything from, they consistently have quality products which last for a very long time.

I bought a bunch of work shirts a few years ago with my logo, after hundreds of wash & dries, they still look like they were just sent to me.

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Thanks for the feedback Dale! :slight_smile:

No problem…just telling the truth.

Oh…and the best part…I have NEVER used an iron, the shirts I have are wrinkle-free ALWAYS…!!

QSC do you have a real name.

Never heard from you by email though so I will ask here.

I found several places under your company name with different prices on the same product.

One has your set of 4 polo shirts with embroidry,listed at $7.99@.

Is this correct?

Hi Robert,

My name is Kelley. :slight_smile: We do have different offers that we provide. If you were googling us, the polo price for new customers is $7.95.


Guess that would be me and I may be making an order today.

Will the 10% still apply or not combined?

Thanks Kelly.

P.S is the vest your heaviest winter offering.


You will not be disappointed with their products, I have bought many items from different manufacturers though the years andQueensboro is bar-none the BEST…!!!

If you say so I beleive it.
Thanks Dale.

Hi Robert!

We’re not able to combine offers. If you’re interested in that polo - go with the $7.95 offer - as the polo is regularly $17.50.

Have a great day! :slight_smile:


Are you carrying anything close to the nike sphere tennis and golf wear? I am spoiled and can only wear that stuff, especially in this heat. I have about 8 of them for work now, but they aren’t logo’d yet.


We do have a Nike Sphere polo - here’s a link to our Nike category!


I just bought more shirts and hats with logos, prices are UNBEATABLE vs. Quality…!!!

And the Logo they made for me a few years ago looks as close to a picture as anything I could describe…Perfect…!!

The logo sewn on anything I currently have does not fade, nor deteriorate in any shape or form either.


Thanks for the reminder. I’m going to refresh my short sleeve denim collection.

While we are on the shirt subject, I’d like to share the quality of Queensboro shirts. I’ve ordered many shirts from other shirt companies and they got old quick. I’ve had my Queensboro embroidered denim shirts over a year and they are still in great shape.


This alone will have me sold. Which brand and model shirt do you have. I absolutely hate ironing and it is the first thing I have to do every morning before I leave for work. Also, by the time I get out of my truck, my shirts are wrinkled again.](*,)

Hi Carmine,

I am not quite sure what the brand of shirt is I have now (style) but just looking at the label the material is 60% cotton 40% polyester …how they make them wrinkle free is beyond me, but after a wash and dry there are ZERO wrinkles, I simply hang them on a coat-shirt hanger in the closet.

I just ordered more yesterday of the same ones I think, well the picture at Queensboro website looked the same as my last order anyway, I hope their the same.

I will look at the order confirmation they sent me and post the style if there is one in the confirmation.

The shirts are short sleeve with a left front pocket w/o a button, perfect for my needs and very comfortable in our 110+ degree summer weather.

Blah blah blah… Don’t rub it in. I need it long sleeve for my very uncomfortable 15 degree winter cold:D

Carmine…a wild guess since I do not see the style I ordered would be anything they sell which states “Wrinkle Free” is the item to purchase, and there are numerous varieties.

Cough it up sir … wrinkle free w pocket! I currently order the pocket pima polo’s from Queensboro … outstanding price, great quality. :slight_smile:

You searched for “Wrinkle Free”
We’re sorry we couldn’t find a match.

Edit: Wearing one of their shirts in that mug shot you see in my sig. :lol: