Crazy inspector

As I was donating blood today, the nurse who was performing the process of blood removal, upon hearing that I provide home inspections told me this story…

An inspector was looking at the garage attached to the house that she was looking to buy, they both smelled what she described as possibly odors from a home brewery up in the garage attic. They asked the homeowner if he could move his sports car out of the garage so that the HI could inspect the attic…he refused. She went on to say that the HI proceeded to climb up on top of the car to get a better look into the attic :roll:

Obviously I have no way of verifying her story but she didn’t seem to me to be the type of person to fabricate a story like that, but who knows.

She said that she did buy the house, she never found out what was causing the odors but that it no longer smells like a brewery.

Thanks Dave for the chuckle … sound goofie enough that it could be true…

Maybe the home inspector was pissed up and smelled like a brewery. We have a realtor testicle licking home inspector in Chicago that has alcohol issues. I’ve tried to get him help but he hasn’t reached bottom yet. this sounds like something he would do.

Play nice, Linas

I think she was flirting with you. No one in their right mind would climb a sports car to gain an attic. lol

you know how stories change as they go around… did she see him do it? where was her hands while she was telling you all this?

It does seem far fetched Billy, and I know for sure there is no way that would ever cross my mind. I would just say that the attic wasn’t inspected due to objects in the way…but not all home inspectors are in their right minds:D

Saw the title and thought you were talking about this little guy in the Chicago suburbs who stalks and insults other inspectors all day from his computer.

The guy pretends he has a multi inspector firm and office dowtown that do not exist except in his fantasies.
Real whack job.

He thinks everyone is stealing his Agent referrals.