White powder on hand mirror next to razor blade.

Just joking. :wink:

wagging finger

you really shouldn’t be writing about that stuff Nick.

(is that better?)

What it smell like.:wink:

It dosn’t bother me that our fearless leader is joking about drug use on our open message board. Really.

I think he was referring to all the snow they recently got in Colorado.

Fer sher.

As Keith would say, I’ll tell you a Tale from the Trenches:

I was on an inspection once on an old house where it was clear from the posters in one of the bedrooms that a teenage boy lived there. Anyway, I was inspecting the crawl space and came across a big box of weed (and other associated paraphernalia) all alone in the back of the crawl space. I figured that I’d better tell the mother about it who was upstairs. So I carry it up to her and hand it to her and tell her that I think she might want to have a talk with her son. She gets this embarrassed look on her face. Then she says "Oh… that’s my husband’s stash… can you put it back where you found it please?

Ooops. :shock:

WARNING: Stay out of the crawlspace and go directly to the attic!
Nice pay day for an inspector.
What are they going to do, call the cops?
DOJ and IRS want their share off the top, imagine that.


atticstash1oj.jpg (46.8 KB)


Always stick to the items that are within the scope of the inspection!

I’ll tell you another one that is wild:

I used to inspect on what is called “The Main Line” a geographic/economic belt of million+ dollar homes and upscale shops in S.E. PA. It is full of overworked, overpaid corporate fasttrackers. Back in the 1990’s, the fasttrackers did coke 24/7 and some (like the one I’m going to tell you about) acted as if it wasn’t any big deal at all. I think they got to the point where they forgot it was a controlled substance.

Because the fasttrackers worked night and day, buyers rarely attended the inspection, instead they stayed at work with a phone in each ear. So this was one of those times where I’m on the inspection alone.

Anyway, I get this inspection and show up a bit early (as usual). The owner, a female yuppie (short for young urban professional) is running around getting ready for work while I’m setting up (I used to print on site so had to set up my computer and printer, etc). On her way out the door she tells me that her agent (listing agent) will be stopping by to check on me and that there is a fresh pot of coffee and some blow on the kitchen counter and that we should help ourselves to it, and to remember to lock up on my way out.

So I go to the kitchen and sure enough… there it is. I help myself to the coffee and start my inspecton.

A little while later the listing agent (another Main Line yuppie) shows up. I tell her that her client said that we should help ourselves to the coffee and blow in the kitchen (I say it with the straightest experession I could hold). The agent sees it on the kitchen counter and says… “I wonder what we should do with it?” I said “I don’t know.” The she says, “I want to be fair to you so let’s divide it evenly.” I responded “I’m fine with just the coffee.” Then she says “That’s what I mean by dividing it evenly, you get the coffee and I get the blow.” I guess I finally let go of my straight expression because she then tells me “Don’t complain… you can drink the whole pot.” :roll:

was called to give an estimate for leaky basement, owner/hubby lets me in, leads me to basement and shows me problem area.

told him whats up, why he`s getting water in and he says, 'OK, how much to fix?'   I tell him 'about' how much as i have to go outside and see whats in the way. We begin to walk out of room in basement and a door opens from another room in basement.

its a woman who has an itty bity undergarment on, you know, hooters hangin` out etc =P~ ..guy says, "Will you take a different form of payment?" #-o   true story

So John, did you get that woman to…
Paint your house or what?:smiley:

Did you let her hold your flashlight? Huh…? Did ya? Huh?

I think this would be a great thread for Joe Farsetta to tell his story of his inspection of the Bates Motel…

:-k i really hate to ruin my lil, true story BUT, i have to be honest and say that, while i do enjoy to go out-ta-eat every now and then, i had to PASS on this one, didn`t appear as though the meal was going to be that tasty, a lil too-filling if ya know what i mean :mrgreen:

flashlight? haHHhahaAAhahaha