Create some memories

When I was younger, I use to laugh at all those commercials that catered to the senior members of our society; Jointritis, One-a-Day, reading glasses, etc… with each passing it seem that I am becoming more familiar with some of those products. :frowning:

Yesterday after much baiting; I took up the challenge from my teenagers to take them on in a game of Paintball. Considering the snow storm we had and that there was nothing else to do… I finally caved in.

Running through the woods, laying in the snow and of course falling on my butt several times was what it consisted of; after 2 1/2 hours and much. cunning, I was able to claim victory… however I am severely feeling it this morning. I am reaching for the jointristis as I type this message… I now ask myself was it worth it…without question, YES.

Not only do I have bragging rights, it was a great memory that the kids and I were able to create…one that will stay with them long after I have passed on.

For those of you who are workaholics (I am one), make sure you set down time for your family or other loved one to create some long lasting memories.

Now if I can be ready for the rematch that they are begging for… lol


Damn…As it is 830 AM on a Sunday and I am working and have been for the past 1.5 hours…You make methink twice…thanks for the post, sometimes it takes a nudge to get my attention. Great post, hope it will make others take just a sec and think as well

I love Home Inspections, but I don’t “love” it that much.

Working for yourself, you have the hardest boss you ever worked for! :wink:

although paintball is fun, i have no desire to be lined up in the crosshairs of someone shooting what has to be the equivalent of a .67mm ballbearing; thus a frozen paintball. i like it in the summer but not in the winter. i’ve been hit @ point blank range in summer and it draws blood, i couldn’t imagine the same situation in winter.

Last week I was searching through a drawer and found a note my daughter left me a few years ago.

It read,

“Deddy - Can you have lunch with me today? Yes= No, No=Yes Cirkle one”. My handwritten response was, “Sorry Ivy but I have to work today”.

Even though I had lunch with her many times at school, that note is still an eye opener reminding me to slow down and take time for the stuff that really matters.

After the original post and I went back outside and played several more rounds…with me taking a shot right in the mouth (I didn’t wear a full face mask). Although I was spitting blood, my teeth were still intact…man those things taste aweful. I used the snow to stop the bleeding (and get the taste out) and then proceeded to play a couple more rounds.

While that was not the memory that I was trying to create…the kids and I laughed about it and I know none of us will forget that day. I wouldn’t change a thing…except maybe wear a mask next time. lol