Creating a Team of Expert Consultants for your Commercial Inspection Business.

Thanks for the post Nick! Just wondering what steps most people at InterNachi take to becoming a successfull commercial Inspector. I would think taking the Commerical Inspection Pre Rec is a good starting point. But then what?

It’s the easiest money ever. It takes years to become a great home inspector but only about a day to become a great commercial inspector. Being a successful commercial inspector is all about management and organization… and nothing much about inspecting. ComSop makes it so easy.

So basically doing the Commercial Inspection Pre Req course, will give me the basics I need to start doing Commercial Inspections? Or is the Pre Req course just that, a pre req for the Commercial Inspection course. Although I cant seem to find a Commercial Inspectino course on InterNachi.

Well, the prerequisite course a way to force your head around ComSop or at least get you to read it. ComSop is super clean and is the base of your Scope of Work. Your Scope of Work becomes nothing more than ComSop +(plus) anything additional that your client wants and -(minus) anything that your client doesn’t want.

Once you have a Scope of Work agreed to, your job is to get your people to do just that.

As for report generation, I like to throw the kitchen sink in there as attachments. Even if the consultants write sloppy reports, I recommend that you only recreate the main issues for the summary, then attach copies of every scrap the consultants produce.

As for how much to charge your client, I’ve tried everything and one method stands out as the best: Hourly rate, just like an attorney. Now if the project is out of town, you’ll have to add for travel. And of course you might want to charge additionally for out-of-pocket expenses or copies or whatever.

And what Criteria are you establishing for your “EXPERTS”

Second bullet-ed list down in, for a start.

Damn…You mean I gotta READ something…GESH man…its Sunday !

Anyway…just givin ya a hard time fella…Good Luck with it.

LOL! That’s funny!:slight_smile:

However speaking seriously, making money is all about leveraging your time right. I see this as a way of doing just that. Sure you have to bring in specialists, but hey your not the one paying for them, the client is … Right? I’m thinking this is a good think. Say Nick is it still to late to get a free copy of the ComSop if we have a link on our web site? If not, I’ll go put one there right now, as I’m doing the Pre Req course as we speak!

Not too late. Order it from Claire here:

Again, commercial inspections are much easier to perform than home inspections and your clients are far less emotionally involved. Its all B2B.

As for the market… there are way more commercial inspection projects per commercial inspector than in the home inspection industry… and that ratio is going to grow dramatically with all the commercial defaults scheduled for 2010. Commercial property will transfer hands more in 2010 than the entire previous decade.

Building your own multi-million dollar commercial inspection business is a real possibility in 2010.