Tips on getting a commercial job

I am new to the business. Do any of you veterans have any advice for me on how to find a commercial inspection job to bid on? Thanks in advance.

Have you ever done a commercial inspection?
Do you have a website?

No. I have no website and have never done an inspection, period. I just got my license last week and I am working on my site now. I will start business as soon as I complete the 4 mock inspection requirement of InterNACHI’s and get my site online. But, I could start bidding beforehand for a job in the future if I knew where to look. Please help a newbie:D

You are clueless.

Start here…

Then here…

And then here…

I’m very interested in commercial inspections also. I need to get behind a guy with some serious experience before I take one on my own, pricing is different, systems are different, just the electric is a whole new thing not to mention roof top HVAC systems up to and including flashing, roofing and insulation systems.

I know some of this stuff but don’t know an equal amount.

Good luck bidding.

I admire your obvious confidence and desire but running before walking is not recommended in this business. I would perform a few hundred residential inspections first before thinking about commercial.
Good luck…,

And to further address your beginning education on commercial…

When you get done with that, only then will I begin feeling even remotely comfortable discussing your request and turning you loose into the Commercial Inspection Industry.

Personally, unless you have an experienced commercial inspector training you, you should not even consider bidding and performing commercial jobs until you are fluent in Residential inspecting.

If you want to fly out to Boulder, I’ll take you on a commercial inspection.

I’m warning you though… you’ll be disappointed. I don’t inspect anything. I manage licensed contractors, collect and compile information, and invoice for it.

Thank you for the offer Nick. Thank you for all the links Jonas. I like to learn so I will look at all the courses you recommend. As for Linas. If I weren’t clueless, I wouldn’t have asked. Please do not insult me. If you don’t have anything nice or beneficial to say, don’t say anything. As for running before walking. Running before walking would be bidding when clueless and NOT asking fellow members for advice. To become more knowledgeable was the reason behind the post. My partner is very knowledgeable on the systems/structure of such buildings, but I wanted to know where to go to find jobs.

Asking Linus not to insult you is like asking water not to be wet.

It’s how he rolls, it’s his USP.

It’s his character (or lack there of)

You will soon learn there are a handful on this mb just like him.

You will learn to ignore them, or, like me, learn to laugh at them as they have nothing to offer other than a source of entertainment :wink:

I agree with some others, I wouldn’t attempt to do a commercial inspection until I got about 200 Home inspection behind me.