Creating Structural Drawings to Comply with SOP

I am putting together the business infrastructure necessary to start offering infrared inspections of building envelopes. My plan is to use the Infraspection SOP that is available to InterNACHI members and I see in section 9.2.1 that
“In the absence of accurate blueprints or structural drawings, the thermographer will create a graphic representation of the premises showing wall structures and areas included in the inspection.”

I am curious to see what everybody is doing to keep in compliance. Do you use a specific software? I can draw with AutoCAD but it seems cumbersome to create a model of every home if better options are available. What’s everybody else doing?

Is this just a forum for arguing about cameras and education? Maybe somebody can direct me to a serious resource. I have a FLIR T400 and received my Level I from Snell. I plan to get some experience doing building envelopes and flat roofs before taking my Level II. I chose those two areas for starters because they are the only Infraspection SOPs that don’t reference Level II or higher coursework. My long term plan is to get into PMs, electrical, and mechanical inspections. I’m sure I can figure it out on my own if necessary, I just thought I’d check here before reinventing the wheel.

I do not have any real experience to base this answer on (just got my level 1 and haven’t started offering any Thermography services yet) but what I take from reading that standard is you need to provide something (drawing or photo) showing what areas you will be or won’t be inspecting so that both parties have a clear understanding of what is being done and can reference…if you were doing a flat roof, I would assume (at this point, this is on my list of things to verify) that either a sketch of the roof outline or a photo from say google earth would be sufficient. I would also assume more detail is better than less to a point (adding the 4 roof top package units and approximate locations to a sketch would be better, but I don’t think you need the drawing to be to actual scale). You can also request they provide you with drawings. ( I know)