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Hello everyone
My name is Amelia Dixon and I am a Independent Payment processing Consultant.8 YEARS OF INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE

Free no obligation Quotes from top processors to get you the best rates in the Industry for your credit card processing needs.(Try us for 30 days NO SETUP FEES FOR InterNACHI MEMBERS) Mobile Processing is a big benefit to home inspectors and I’m happy to help you find the best options at the best price that fits your business size.


I’m happy to answer any questions you may have:D

  1. How come you are listed as a member not a vendor?

  2. Square has no monthly fees. Do you?

  3. Guardian fully Integrates with ISN. Do you?

  1. How come you are listed as a member not a vendor? Hi Ian Im not quite sure why I will need to check with someone on the operations team

  2. Square has no monthly fees. Do you? It all depends on what solution you are looking for some do have a gateway fee but square charges around 2.75% to 3.5% were the 1.63% is the average for your industry

  3. Guardian fully Integrates with ISN. Do you? Yes we do

Are you saying you charge 1.63% per transaction with no monthly fee?

OR. Cash or check with no fees. :wink:

Hi David
To answer your question the 1.63% just refers to the average most processors charge for your industry type and if there is a monthly fee that is dependent on what type of system you would like to use for processing.I work with several different processors who offer rates based on your business needs and your industry would never be more than 2% and the Amex optblue rates are also comparable to whats charged for Visa Mastercard and Discover.

Its typical that there is never an honest answer about what the rates are. Its 1.63% for the basic no rewards visa card that 1 in 100 people use. What are the rates for what typical home inspectors use - either swiped in the field or entered on the computer?

Hi Alan
I pride myself on the fact that I am honest with all my merchants and I am able to disclose all pricing before they come on board.A majority of Merchants who accept credit cards do not understand the industry and how the rates are determined.Below is the link for Visa interchange rates for 2015 (an example of were pricing starts)it shows you how every card clears.My purpose here is to offer a rate to those who are interested based on there business needs or I’m just happy to answer questions and educate.