Credit card scam

Every one who uses a credit card, check your receipt before you leave the register… The new scam is you will be charged CASH BACK and not recieve the money. If the clerk says they can’t change it, call for supervisor and demend order be cancelled. When your purchase is rung up again recheck it, A friend at our bank, said this is a hugh scam being done every where.

Thanks for the heads up

It only takes a moment to check these things before perpetuating the hoax

I don’t think our friend would tell us wrong…It happened to them. Hope it does not happen to you. besides snopes does not control or contribute to my finances there fore what Snopes reports is immaterial to me JMO

Your same friend that said it’s a “HUGH SCAM” and it’s “BEING DONE EVERY WHERE”(sic)?

It’s so prevalent and apparently so big it doesn’t event get reported.

The hoax gets plenty of press though.

Perhaps your friend is gullible too…

My wife works for the royal bank and they were warned about it. The bank said they have seen rising cases of this happening oversees to some of it’s clients. no reported cases in Canada or USA. That was about six months ago

There may not be many reported cases in the US, but over 150 people who visited this thread will look at there reciept to be sure. Will it happen? Who knows.People say who world will end on 12 21 12 . Will it happen? who knows, but every one is watching. If this posting can help just one person from being scammed, then it was worth it. JMO

I Agree

Yes that happened to us. After our meal we paid and went out to the truck and was curious about our bill. So we looked at the reciept and sure enough, cash back and the amount. Needless to say we went back in and got a refund for the cash back and the meal.

We catch at least two per month where they rang up the same sale on our debit card the next day - we quit shopping at a haji mart for that reason - just saying.