Credit Card Special Promotion Until April 31st

Home Inspector Pro is offering an amazing deal to people wanting to process credit cards it’s partnership with, First National Bank. This deal is good Until April 31st go to to sign up. Right now this is for US customers only, but processing for Canadian inspectors is coming shortly.

Here’s everything laid out for you, up front!

$50 setup fee rather than the normal $100.
Monthly cost is $5 + $9.95 for PCI Compliance (all merchants are required to be PCI compliant no matter what company you use, some companies charge up to $30 a month).
1 year contract rather than the normal 3.
$100 referral bonus for signing up another person
If you already have a processor, First National promises a $500 visa gift card if they cant beat your current rates.
No monthly minimums.
No monthly report fees.
No other hidden fees.

No hardware required!! Process cards on your cell phone (with internet access), your website or send invoices via email.
Interest rates vary from 2.03% to 2.35% depending on card type (Debit vs Credit). Depending on your volume they might be able to go lower.

For more information visit and fill out the Form. The bank will contact you and go over all the details.


Dominic Maricic
President of Home Inspector Pro
Toll Free: 1-888-750-4777

I already use them, Dom. Great service for anyone looking to sign up and easy to use. Have customer sign and auth sheet at the inspection and then run it when I get back to the office.

So what does it cost you roughly a month Greg??

Was $5/mo, but now add the $9.95 (the govenment wants me to pay to be sure the bank is complying with the rules) and about 2.5% of each deposit. Deposits take about 72 hours. With one or two chages a month, the fee has been low and it allows me to take CCs as a convenience to my customers. I used to use the FREE system, but it cost me about $89 a month for doing no charges, then a 2.5% charge on top of it. Dumped it and went with the one Dom has negotiated. I bring a form I made up so I enter the card data and the customer signs agreeing to the payment, go back to the office and run it online. Never had a card dissapproved. Course I run the card before I send the report.


Another solution which does not require a 1 year contract or setup fee. Cancel anytime.

2.9% plus .30 per transaction.
Monthly rate is $12.95

Sign in to a secure system process payment. You can even take payments over phone. I use it and it works with no problem. Even sends me a invoice to send to my customer via email. Money is in my account within 2 days.

I looked into Intuit for making a deal for all of us and even HIP. The problem is you can’t email someone a page to pay with or have them pay through your site. I was actually looking forward to the nice quickbooks integration but no dice. Also at 2.9% it’s a lot more expensive than 2.03% to 2.33%. But you’re right, no contract is nice.

Looks great Dom.

It’s a good deal. The bank is trying to make up for the fact that PCI Compliance (the $9.95 part) is being shoved down everyone’s throat by the credit card companies & the government right now to try and prevent all the card numbers from getting stolen as has happened in the past few years.