Credit Cards

I have been using American Express for a few years with my first year being interest free. However I know pay interest and it’s 18.24% which I think is a little high, especially considering I have never been late a payment.

I am thinking about switching over to another card, citi, which offers 0% APR on balance transfer until 8/01/07. After that the rate is 13.99% variable.

What do you think about this and do you switch around different offers? Also, what offers do you think are the best?

I’m a big fan of reward programs. I don’t know how much you travel (I fly on business 1-2 times a month), but I combined the frequent flier program I’m enrolled in at United Airlines with a United VISA card from Chase. The miles add up pretty quickly - 1 mile for every dollar you spend (especially if you buy your airline tickets with the card; added bonus), with double miles offers available from time to time.

I (try my best to) pay off my balance 100% every month, so I’m not too concerned about the APR. However, I think my card is 14.5%. They gave me the first year fee-free, but it’s $60/yr thereafter. Still, for me, it’s well worth it for the miles. Between flights and purchases, I’ve run up 116,000 miles in the last 12 months. My kids want to burn them for Disney. I’m thinking about leaving the little angels at home and taking the wife to the Caribbean.

Decisions, decisions…

You may want to look at WaMu’s myPoints Visa. Currently offer is no fee balance transfers, 0% for 6 mo’s and 10.99% after dependant on credit. You earn 1pt per dollar. And free FICO (credit score) once a month.