CREIA at InterNACHI Convention

CREIA at an InternACHI convention?

Now that’s funny!

Why? They are teaching for us. Is there something I don’t know?

Really think this is going to happen in CA this year? Good luck.

Didn’t you threaten to sue them last year for discrediting NACHI?

But no, there is nothing wrong with it. It’s just funny.

CREIA is such an old school backward run organization. They still use paper to keep track of their members. And many CREIA members hold their noeses up high and look down on anyone NACHI.
So it’s funny they’re willing to cross over.

I don’t recall that. But the three big state associations in order of size are TPREIA, FABI, and CREIA. TPREIA merged completely with InterNACHI. FABI did a strategic partnership with InterNACHI. CREIA is now teaching for us. It’s an InterNACHI world.