CA Inspectors and CREIA

So Im wondering if real estate agents and buyers are wanting a creia certified inspector here in california… Im certified with AHIT and INTERNACHI with multipal certs and I’m a licensed general building contractor and i cant seem to get many referrals. My question is, Do you guys think I need to be a creia member???

No. I would not say being or not being a member of that organization is a factor.

CREIA is a non-issue. Most Realtors I’ve dealt with don’t know one Association from the other. Or care.

InterNACHI member only

I’d agree with everyone here. CREIA non issue. Just keep putting yourself out there. Over time it will work out.

I joined CREIA when I started. Big waste of money. Agree with what Frank said.
NACHI is the only way to go!

CREIA is a big deal in California.

A friend of mine who in the CEO of a major home warranty company in in So Cal said he won’t refer any inspector who isn’t CREIA certified.

Okay, so that’s one.

Sounds more like a referral deal with CREIA and the Home warranty company.

Depends on where you are. Some chapters of CREIA are much stronger than others and do a much better job marketing to agents. For example, in Orange County the chapter has referral cards that go to all agents for them to pick from a list of CREIA inspectors. They also do a lot of agent CE classes.

I have noticed they have pockets where they seem to be more on top of things.

The chapter right here made it pretty clear it’s for grumpy old men only, but in the next county over they seem to have more of a presence.

But whatever, I’ve never had a single agent ask me.

The only people who care if your CREIA or this or that are other inspectors. lol.

Considering I’ve never signed up with them, I certainly get a lot of email from them.