Panel?? What Type?

Can anybody tell me what type/mfg this panel is? The home was built in 1980 and the panel had a stamp that said union made and Crouse-Hinds Company Earlysville, VA. Any help would be great!

Crouse-Hinds would have been my guess based on the main CB.

and the fact that it said so on the panel :wink:

Any known problems with that? Never heard of them!

There are no inherent issues with these panels.

Very big in commercial/industrial, great product but have not seen any of their residential construction products.

Thanks for the help!

Crouse-Hinds is a very old brand used in primarily industrial locations. I think the brand is still being sold, but is owned by another company (Cooper) today. They are most noted for the cast boxes, fittings, etc. that are extremely rugged.