Crybaby ASHI whining that NACHI controls licensing board.

I have just received this ( message below) from Paul. As you may know, Paul has been our legislative contact of the chapter for a very long time. He continually keeps in contact with the other home inspectors’ organizations and the state legislative and commission actions. Easily, he is more knowledgeable of what is going on than most of us (especially me).

*I would go into great detail about this extremely important need however I believe you will get the importance of the issue at hand just by reading below. *

*What I am asking for is vitally important to your livelihood as a home inspector in Tennessee. *

*Every one of us “must” contact their respective legislators and demand inquiries into the the “Home Inspector Advisory Committee” make up. We must demand reorganization and here’s why:*The current advisor committee is made up of 10 members.

One is a realtor.

One is a retired electrical code enforcer ((Rockwood Electric District) and retired director of the utility.

One is an insurance (surplus lines (our policies)) broker.

One is a professor and director of continuing education. Holding a PHD in Engineering Management, specializing in Industry, manufacturing and business.

One is a home inspector who is not connected to ASHI, NACHI or HITA.

THE REST (FIVE) are NACHI home inspectors.

I urge each and every one of you, separately, to contact your senator and representative “TODAY” and demand inquires. THIS IS YOUR PROFESSION, PROTECT YOUR OWN JOB!

*Thank you, each of you, for taking the time to read through this. *But more importantly, “make” the time to demand your voice is heard by establishing a rules advisory committee which represents “all” home inspectors of Tennessee equally, fairly and as prescribed by the established licensing act.

Ralph E. Havener Jr.
President, ETASHI
Phone: 423-753-7431
Fax: 423-753-5732

*E-Mail: *

We lived with corrupt ASHI boards for years. I’m glad to see the change.

"I’ll tip my hat to the new constitution
Take a bow for the new revolution
Smile and grin at the change all around"

This is PlanetNACHI… resistance is futile.

Nick, I find this particulary interesting, on several counts-

It tells me that NACHI is more active than other orgs in the future concerns of Home Inspections in that state,
There are a lot more NACHI than non-NACHI members around there.

Considering the fact that you & I went all around the mulberry bush a couple years ago with Jon Rudolph trying to ram the A$HI standards and exclusivity down the throat of Loveland, CO, I don’t understand what their gripe is . . .


Hi to all,

I am sorry but this is just too damned funny, I hope they suceed in redressing the balance, there may then be some hope in at least 10 otherstates I can name where the board is made up of solely non NACHI members.

I hope ASHI take this all the way to the United states supreme court to demand that inspectors get proper representation :mrgreen:

Do you think they want to see that, I don’t think so :wink:




Same here in VA except the board only has (2) members that are home inspectors at all and both are ASHI members and diehard ones at that. They are appointed by the Governor to the position.

Ohio would be a great state for NACHI to make there stance. After reviewing a lot of the message board issues in all the catigories it is easy to see. All of the NACHI inspectors want to see the back bone of NACHI against ASHI.
I know if you get the member ship behind NACHI and the board you can make an impact