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Nick says that anyone dumb enough not to join NACHI should not be inspecting.

I find this absurd and missleading, as there are tons of HI’s that do excellent work and are not members of NACHI.

What say you folks?

I feel sorry for the poor souls who believe it.

NAQHI, I see it coming Erol.

“National assosiation of qualified Home Inspectors”

The paperwork is in, we are just waiting.:cool:

Who is suppose to believe that non- NACHI home inspectors are bad home inspectors? That’s clearly what that statement implies. Can’t NACHI get through life without the CONSTANT bs?

Hell, Erol you must pass the test, which any 1st year construction worker can pass, not to mention a smart child.

Have no fear as the folks working on this have no BS ideas of competing with NACHI. All they (we) want is a group of folks that have done there time and are in the top 20% of HI’s nation wide. We will let NACHI deal with the newbies and ASHI can deal with well, whatever they deal with.

It will be a realativly small group of HI’s, but with top of the line credentials.:D:D:D

As long as 99%members renew, { yea right nickie} :mrgreen: :mrgreen: and new inspectors keep sending nick 289.00 for instant certificiation, nothings jonna change…:roll: :roll: :roll:

I just saw the light

The new inspectors join NACHI so they can get the # of inspections to join ASHI


It is going to change Dan, I promise. It is a cycle like anything else. Newbies in vetrans out.

I will, let you know when our new org is up and sanctioned…It’s going to be good…:smiley:

I am not an ASHI member and never will be. I qualified last year to be a full member, but I dont like there ways… So,
NAQHI’s is in the works, non- profit of course. LMFAO.:roll:



Why what richard?

**Why **a new org? You will just hurt ASHI


The point was clear to see.

It is not about the “qualifications” to be a home inspector, although being a NACHI member will mean that the inspector will get a lot more benifits (including education) than non-NACHI members, but about being successful as a Home Inspector.

Subtle, but important difference.

If a person who starts out in a business is not smart enough to do all they can to succeed in that business, maybet the are too stupid to be in that business.

Hope this clarification helps; :mrgreen:

There are 100s of reasons,one, if they are one of the small percentage that make it in this profession they soon realize that professional elected representation, instead of dictator representation by the likes of, gromicko, busshy, farcetta and mr crayola they soon see that they do not speak for them and our profession…
Check out the rainy web, bog ?? or what ever it is, the new thing to market to realtors] it’s interesting to see many of the respected nachi only inspectors do not list nachi certification, then check out the ashi members ,nachi members that also belong to ashi, you’ll see all ashi and nachi/ ashi members proudly list their membership in ashi.:roll: :roll:

Heres why from one of your members…Love those greenies…:slight_smile: :slight_smile:
here’s another green for you! Joe and Jim are too unpopular to run for their seats, they need to be appointed.

LOL. It is not going to hurt any org. It will be a small # maybe 2000 in the end, of the most qualified inspectors in the industry. It will include a min of 1000 inspections with less than 1% complaints. It will mandate 25 hrs of **varified **CE a year. It will include background checks for any crime wich might be pertinant to a home inspection such as stealing, and most any other felony. It will include passing the most stringent test currently available to HI’s the NHIE and hopefully Gerrys test.:wink:

It will include a very straite forward COE, which surpasses all COE’s currently in place. The SOP will be determined in part by each members State law.

There will be **no Realtor **involvment in any form.

There will be a 3 strike rule.

All members must submit 25 HI reports to be verified by the board wich will be made up of 11- 5 year + HI’s with at least 1000 HI’s under there belt, and each State will be delt with by there rules and regulations regarding HI’s.

There is a little more to add, but that is the just of it.

Oh yea and best of all it will all be free.

I as the question again - you seem to be not understanding the question of


You said what the requirments would be

You said that it would not hurt ASHI

You did not say why


Hmmm, I think I did Richard.

It is really simple in our minds. This industry should have stood together years ago instead they keep fighting amongst themselves as to who is better… bla, bla.

Well, we have the answer. We will not promote ourselves as better than any other org. We will not bash anyone else, we will just be what we are. A new org. with different goals and ideals.

Who said that the new org would be run by the elected??

Looks like its founders are writing the membership requirements without allowing the membership to change them

Why don’t you all get on the phone and get all this worked out before posting something that is a mess

If you put together a good plan it might make money enough to pay for a small web page to list the members on

2000 members do not give you enough $$$ to do much more



Sounds like a good plan Todd… Your not gonna appoint busshy as the Pres, and Joe F, VP, Mr Crayola as public relatons are you??:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: