CSST Coating?

I have heard different thing on this and want to know if anyone can provide me a little more insight. I know this seems like a basic question but I have seen where we can have CSST outdoors as long as the coating is not damaged and the stain steel covered. but what about in the attic near the fittings. I have been told some write it up as defect and others do not as it is inside out of the elements.

No, it is not a defect.
The “protective covering” is there for protection from 1) outdoor elements, 2) minor physical damage, 3) printing surface for product information along the length of the product. The short distance missing at the connectors is negligible and a non-issue. In my opinion, that is not a groper “manifold” or method of mounting, and would be more concerned with that, but it would be considered ‘nit-picky’… but not as much as the missing covering.

Thanks. That is what I was seeing and thinking also. People get up in arms with CSST and when you talk about it everyone has different views! Thanks Again!

Those connections where the covering was removed, should be taped back to cover the stainless.

Please elaborate… WHY?